Monday, August 29, 2011


Ladies and gentlemen, I need your help. Remember all the cool things I was telling you about my coming weeks? About trying russclothes and such? Well.. it was awesome…




Yours truly was very excited when trying on her russepants! I look pretty cool don’t I? Also, remember “The Ditch” that I told you guys about? Well, this is it:


As you can tell, I’ve been bringing my camera along more too school. I would have posted this earlier, but I just can’t find the cable I need to upload pictures. Thankfully I could use my sisters camera by simply switching the memory stick. Want to see some more pictures? These are from around my school:




I know, the school is old and with totally mismatching colors. Appearantly they are going to fix it up when my class is finished for good. What a SHOCK, right?

Anyways, I didn’t really make this post to tell you about my school and share pictures. I ACTUALLY need some help. I need you guys to be creative for me, even – if you are such a sweet, amazing and helpful person – maybe make a tiny post about it on your blog so I can get all the help possible. The thing is that at our school, and at most schools along the east side of Norway, we have a russecar. We form groups of usually 8 people, we buy a car together and fix it up, then use it to get around in May (russetime). These cars usually look like this:




And they’re usually pimped up somewhat inside with a table and such.. Anyhooot – these vans always try to have a cool name, preferably with a theme. Examples of these are like: SuperVan (superman themed car), Sheroes (a car full of girls, superhero theme ya know), Glamouruss, Dangeruss… wordplay is cool as you can see! Some cars have names that are a wee bit more on the edge.. one group had a Mazda for a russecar, they called it Mazturbation. Another was called Sexbox (get it? X box?). My mom suggested Chicks N’ Dicks, because we’re 5 guys and 3 girls in the group. That one was funny, but the key problem is that the name has to be good and not used up. Unique names are the best, preferably funny ones!

Could you help me? Would you help me? Please come with some suggestions for what we can call our group and I’d be forever grateful!



  1. Your MOM suggested Chicks n Dicks?? Thats hysterical! Your mom sounds fun.

    What if you did GAGA-something, and then deck the car out based on whaterver GAGA is upto. It could be the meat look, or studs, skeletons, judas, disco stick - whatever. Everyone would get it - however it would probably be more cool than funny. Unless you did the meat thing - that would be funny.

  2. I think your mom nailed it! Great idea!
    You should definitely try to incorporate something with guys and girls... that's fairly unusual isn't it?