Monday, May 30, 2011

Almost there!!

I’ll be back soon dearest blog, I promise! Tomorrow is the big day, my very first (and hopefully last) math exam! After that I’ll be back to amaze you all with the most awesome posts made by man. Well… maybe not but I’ll be back!

Buried in Paperwork with Surrender Flat

Wish me luck!


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Stuff you probably didn’t think about

Here I am, 18 years old, it’s Saturday evening. Can you guess what this bad ass teen is doing? Come on, just guess.


That’s right, I’m sitting alone in our office reading for a Chemistry test. I’ve read 34 pages, written 13 pages of notes and I’m at this very moment (well not EXACTLY now since I’m obviously blogging) doing every single task in our study book. I’m been studying since yesterday, with the pauses of sleeping at night and working a 4 hour shift today. Best part? This isn’t it.

I also have a History presentation to prepare for Tuesday, about the witchburning in Bergen (back in the day, ya know). Now, this isn’t that much stress because I’m quite awesome at holding presentations (especially in History class). The only UGH (say it like you mean it) is that it takes time, ah precious time.

And here comes an even BETTER thing: I haven’t even started practising for my math exam which is the 31st of May! Seems like I am destined to be buried inside my school books 24/7 the next week or two. What ever happen to spare time? I guess this is just the start though.. so I decided that instead of being like this:


I’d focus on the bright side and be like this:


By the way, just to get your brains working a little – let me tell you about some interesting things you probably haven’t thought about…

Do any of you bake? If yes, you’ve probably used vanilla. Did you know that this is what vanilla looks like up close?


Yeah, bet you didn’t know you’ve been eating little bead-like things.

Also, did you know that the alcohol you just might be drinking this fine weekend looks like this up close:


Looks like a balloon dog doesn’t it? That’s the amazing world of Chemisty dear people. Have a great weekend and enjoy your beaded balloon dogs!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

Refreshing !

I’ve been trying to keep moving, exercising and being active. I’ve been running for the most part because honestly, I love the feeling I get after a run. So I’ve also been trying to be a tad smart about making the runs effective as well. I read somewhere online that after a run, you should refill with something that will give you energy. A suggestion for those who don’t feel like eating after they’ve been out running was drinking a sports drink, or better yet – making your own.


4tbs sugar

1/4 tsp salt

1/4 cup boiling water

2tbs (or 1/4 cup as I used) lemon juice

3 + 3/4 cup ice cold water


Yes, I know this is basically a lemonade. But in this case I am calling it my very own Gatorade – delicious! This is really a refreshing drink after a run, or any activity probably! Enjoy!!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Norway in red, white and blue

Today, May 17th, is Norways national day. This day is usually celebrated with the local community gathering somewhere to walk in a parade, eat hot dogs/cakes/soda and wave the Norwegian flag while shouting HURRA!

Now this parade is mainly a childrens parade, but many/most adults join in as well as a marching band. There is many stories of why it’s a childrens parade, but here is the version I’ve been told:

When Norway in 1814 got their own constitution, they still had/got a Swedish king and was partly in a union with Sweden for a while. As far as I’ve heard, the Swedish did not want the Norwegians to celebrate getting their own constitution. So since they would stop grown ups from celebrating, the clever Norwegians sent out their children with Norwegian flags. (Not sure why children wouldn’t be stopped). I can’t say this for certain people, so keep an open mind. But this tradtition has lived on in Norwegians for a long time. If you don’t believe me, take a look yourselves…



Did I forget to mention that a lot of people around here come driving in fancy veteran cars on this day?












Hooray! I hope you notice all the festive national outfits/costumes as well! For those of you who don’t know, this is called a bunad and their are tons of different types depending on where in the country your family is from. They are very pretty, but veeery expensive. The picture above is of me and my siblings, and to all my Norwegian readers (and even soon to be Norwegian readers) we wish you a Happy Nationalday!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dedication is inspiration

I would like to be honest with you guys today. I would like you to know that I am weak, that I easily give in to things and that my mind consist of a good and a bad concience that always make me do two different things at some point or another. Some of you might remember that I wrote a lot about health in the past weeks. I also started something called The Bikini Challenge, which if you haven’t heard of, it basically was about taking a picture of yourself in a bikini (you don’t have to show it to anyone) then working out for at least one hour, 3 times a week for 7 weeks and then take a new bikini picture.

I started this, yet I haven’t kept up with it. This past week I only got in one work out session, and this was my gym class that wasn’t even really voluntary. I’ve been lazy, and I’ve eaten a lot of crap. Sure I could make excuses.. I haven’t had time, I’ve been stressed, I’ve been tired. BULL!

I kept going by a blog called and found that this inspirational woman has been keeping up with The Bikini Challenge since I started it. I am amazed and proud of her for doing this! I love her dedication to being healthy, she really pushes herself! Her blog is in Norwegian but if you can understand it or even google translate her page I would recommend that you go visit her blog and compliment the great work she is doing!


I believe it’s important to find inspiration. Think about the fact that you only have one life and then find the dedication to make it the very best life you can have!

Have a great Sunday everybody!


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Goodbye Bugs Bunny

Yesterday I heard a peculiar cry coming from outside on our porch. I went to check it but the cry quickly stopped and I thought it was probably just a bird.

A few minutes later the cry started again, so I went quickly out on the porch and heard the sound was coming from below it. I went down to find a itty bitty teenie tiny bunny. A hare actually. One of our cats, Stuart who is actually more of a lover than a fighter, was sitting right by and had probably chased the poor little guy up to our house. I picked the baby up and found no visible injuries but thought it was best to bring him inside away from the cats while he was in shock.


He was so tiny that he fit in the palm of my hand. He didn’t make much effort to move and almost seemed a bit cuddly. Since we didn’t know where he came from or where his mama was we decided to keep him in a box overnight with blankets and towels. He seemed to be doing well, coming out of shock and sniffing around in curiosity. We fed him a little and hope for the little guy we know named Bugs Bunny.

However, things changed quickly towards this evening and he seemed to be fading fast. He seemed tired and cried a lot, a cry that in my opinion sounded strangely similar to a real baby. I think maybe the maternal instinct in me kicked in then and I found myself cuddling him in a big, fuzzy sweater to keep him warm.

Unfortunately he didn’t make it, which was sad because he was such a sweet little guy. Rest in peace Bugs Bunny ♥


On a more positive note, I was at a girls night last night with the girls who I will be sharing a “russebil” (russe info here) with. It was very fun, and we planned a lot! Not all of what I can tell you guys about yet, but keep coming by my blog and then closer to this fall I will write a lot about my year as a russ! Something that will be very interesting for my non-Norwegian readers, I’m sure.

Have a great weekend everybody!


Friday, May 13, 2011

Goodbye future of my dreams

I didn’t have to go to school today, because they were just going to tell people which subject they were going to have their exams in. In VG2 (The grade I’m in) you have to come up in ONE subject, just one.

I woke up at 8:40 today, my day off. I simply couldn’t stop worrying. I stayed in bed, dreading the message where one of my girlfriends at school was going to tell me what subject I got.

“Please please please please pleeeeeease not math, anything but math!” I was chanting alone in my bedroom.

*Pling pling*

Let’s not forget that today is Friday the 13th. Of course I got math.

Now why was I dreading math so much? Well let me tell you. We have three types of math classes at my school, one of which is called R1. This is the math I have, the hardest math class in VG2. Why did I pick it? I had to, the vet studies demand that I have R1 and Chemistry 1 + 2. Unfortunately that math class has not been going well for me, no matter how hard I try I just can’t understand it. I mean just look at it! Can you understand that stuff?


It’s amazing that this stuff is even legal, even more that it’s necessary. I don’t think you’ll ever have use for this unless you’re a rocket scientist or something. And the calculators! Oh my goooosh the calculators! Not to sound like freaked out teen girl but it’s just plain scary! Look!


At first I must admit that I cried a little. Then I was mad and wanted to punch something. And then finally I decided to look on the bright side, focus on the positives.

#1: I am done with French FOREVER!!!

#2: The fact that I came up in a written exam now, means I will get done with school early!

#3: I am going to practise, practise, practise with this math and no matter how it goes I will know that I’ve done my very best!

Ah, optimism. It’s simply bull sometimes, but it makes me feel better. Have a nice weekend everyone!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spring time stress

I’m sorry for always disappearing on you readers, the thing is that spring is here and there is a lot going on. There is school, homework, projects, exams, work, family, friends and my honey when he comes home to visit. I feel like this month is going to just fly by!

However, I’m taking any spare time I can find to blog for you guys! I love when people tell me that I have to blog again soon because they have nothing to read, fun to know that people are following!

Lately at school we’ve been preparing for exams and finishing off our textbooks, getting closer and closer to summer! The Russ which I wrote a little about in this post HERE are now in full action, having the time of their life. They have something called “terrordays” where they mess around with us who are in VG1 and VG2 (sort of like sophomores(?) and juniors). Let’s just say I got caught…


Don’t I look pretty?? Ah.. I can’t wait until it’s my turn..

Anyways, I’m thinking I’ll try to blog again later tonight. But for now I was going to tell you about two exciting giveaways!

First there is a giveaway at with some yummy looking treats! She’s an American who will be living in Germany for about the next six months, so go check out her blog!


Next is a Norwegian girl who writes about health, workouts and lifestyle! She is giving away a sportswatch! I don’t know about you but I could sure use one of those! Go check out her blog HERE.


And soon enough ladies and gentlemen, I will be having my own giveaway! Keep coming by, tell your friends and when the ticker says 2000 visitors I will put up the giveaway!

Have a great day!


Sunday, May 1, 2011


I’ve been thinking a lot since I wrote my last post yesterday, and I was left having to look around for an answer myself since nobody seemed to want to answer…. hint hint!

May I just also say to any Norwegian readers that come by, if you are too shy to answer in English there is really nothing wrong with commenting in Norwegian. I’ve heard from multiple friends that they don’t comment because they don’t trust their English skills enough. No worrries!

Anyways, I was motivated then and there when I wrote my post. So I made myself a yummy breakfast, which in my opinion looked delish too!
I used to slices of white bread mostly because the leftover slices had to be eaten. I toasted them in a hot pan and then filled the sandwich with light cream cheese, turkey meat, a slice of cheese, cucumber, sweet peppers and a baby leaf mix. Not to mention a side of one of my favorite fruits. Sour green apples, yum! My breakfast got me thinking though, why is it we humans often are so muc more tempted by sweets and unhealthy things than to healthy things?

I googled it, because google always has an answer in my opinion. Most people ment that the sugar and fats had the same affects on people as drugs or tobacco. So I started to think about how I keep trying to get my dad to quit smoking, telling him it can’t be that hard and that it will be worth it. What if I start thinking of myself as an addict? What if I look at unhealthy stuff the same way that I look at smoking and drugs? I keep talking about how stupid people who do those things are, and that I can’t understand why they would choose to ruin their lives. Du-uh! I’m doing the same thing.

So now, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve taken measurements and pictures of myself. I’m ready to try hard and I will quit this addiction.

So here is my goal when it comes to exercise. 21 workout sessions within 7 weeks. That means that I should be working out 3 times a week. These sessions must be minimum 1 hour of efficient exercise to count. I’m going to call this The Bikini Challenge just for fun! 

How about we make it a group thing? If you need someone to help boost you with your exercise then join this challenge and we’ll push each other. Tell your friends and let’s see if we can make this challenge a thing.

Good luck!


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