Sunday, May 15, 2011

Dedication is inspiration

I would like to be honest with you guys today. I would like you to know that I am weak, that I easily give in to things and that my mind consist of a good and a bad concience that always make me do two different things at some point or another. Some of you might remember that I wrote a lot about health in the past weeks. I also started something called The Bikini Challenge, which if you haven’t heard of, it basically was about taking a picture of yourself in a bikini (you don’t have to show it to anyone) then working out for at least one hour, 3 times a week for 7 weeks and then take a new bikini picture.

I started this, yet I haven’t kept up with it. This past week I only got in one work out session, and this was my gym class that wasn’t even really voluntary. I’ve been lazy, and I’ve eaten a lot of crap. Sure I could make excuses.. I haven’t had time, I’ve been stressed, I’ve been tired. BULL!

I kept going by a blog called and found that this inspirational woman has been keeping up with The Bikini Challenge since I started it. I am amazed and proud of her for doing this! I love her dedication to being healthy, she really pushes herself! Her blog is in Norwegian but if you can understand it or even google translate her page I would recommend that you go visit her blog and compliment the great work she is doing!


I believe it’s important to find inspiration. Think about the fact that you only have one life and then find the dedication to make it the very best life you can have!

Have a great Sunday everybody!



  1. Live everyday as it was the last :)

  2. // Ahhh, kjipt! Jeg er glad for at russen ikke har gjort noe herk med oss i 1. klasse. Sikkert fordi 2 stk. har blitt utvist allerede! xD

  3. // Helte ketchup og seppep på scootere og mopeder i storefri o.o

  4. // Haha, ikke fullt så ille som her da. Men det er det eneste de har gjort med oss! :P

  5. What an awesome picture Sarah :D

    Oh and rest in peace, little bugs bunny :/

  6. That is great she keeps you inspired. I wish I had someone like that for me... I told my boyfriend when I move to Norway he will be responsible for that! LOL! :-) Hope u had a nice weekend!

  7. Inspiration will come - don't beat yourself up over it. I find that I have much better workouts when I workout with a friend or co-worker. Or...just get a spray tan. We all look better with a tan :)