Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Me, my car and our little quirks

Yeah, I talk to my car. I really do. I talk to her like she’s a little kid, or a dog.. I don’t think she minds though, and she always gives me great response…


Like the other day when I got back from Oslo; she’d been parked at the train station for a few days and you could tell it had been cold. There was frost on her insides and she sounded a little chilly as I started her up.. I apologized for leaving her out in the cold for so long and promised to get her nice and warm. I think she liked that because she drove me home..


I had been warned ahead of time that the road up to our house was slippery as anjfjeuidxj! So nervous as I was knowing that my baby here is a lightweight, I promised her that she would stay in the nice, dry and warm garage that night if she got us up the hill… It worked, need I say more?


Of course, I’m a respectable person; so I made sure to thank her for being the best car ever as soon as we got home!

Do you ever talk to your things?


Monday, February 27, 2012

A little taste of Oslo

In the past days I’ve gotten a taste of what life might be like when I move down to Oslo, and let me tell you; I love it!

I visited and took a tour around the University campus (the one I will be going to), which only made me even more excited for this fall! I loved being there and it felt so good and normal!


Me and Paul went to the Vigelands park, which is a huge park in Oslo with tons of sculptures of men, women and children.



We tried out this wonderful sushi place (thank goodness I know of a good one in Oslo now!) It was sooo yummy!


We went to an exciting new type of cinema than what I’m used to; they has “double” seats, sort of like couches for two and two..


But we weren’t just on the go either! We had relaxing days with a cup of tea or a nice homecooked meal (made by him in fact)…



Even though we made a brave attempt to go out on Saturday evening!


Here is the annoying thing about my age right now; I am 19 and I’ve always been mature for my age.. so when all I can get into is places for 18year olds and up, which in my opinion is nasty and quite tacky (everyone looks like they just turned 18 and can’t wait to get completely and utterly wasted), I find it even more annoying that I’m a tad too young to get into places with a 20 age limit. Not that people are that much better there but I prefer to go out for a drink,  some chatting and good company. In the beginning of the evening we went to the SkyBar at the Radisson Blu hotel; absolutely recommended! BEAUTIFUL view from the 34th floor of the hotel! Unfortunately we had heard earlier in the day that 18 was the age limit, so silly me went up to the bar and asked which of the drinks I could have only to find out it was actually 20 and we couldn’t be there if I was younger… BLAH.. Until next time…

Anyways, I still had a great time and I loved spending time with my honey. Have you been to Oslo, and what is your favourite activity/place there?


Thursday, February 23, 2012


Lately the sun has been shining and the snow is melting; THANK GOODNESS!

So today I went for a walk with Jackson the leo and the two littlest girls. Have you ever seen someone truly enjoy playing in the sun? If not, here they are..







I tried taking a picture of myself with Jackson as well, but he wasn’t as willing as the girls…


I’m leaving for Oslo tonight, so I’ll try to take as many pictures as I possibly can in order to share with you! Hopefully that will lead to some exciting picture posts soon! Have a GREAT weekend!


Monday, February 20, 2012


Do you read books? I love reading, I’m just really bad about making time for it. When I do sit down and read though, I end up reading for hours and hours and I absolutely hate it when I realize that I have to go to bed or I have to go to work and so on…


Right now I’m working on an in-depth project in my Norwegian class. We could choose our whatever subject we wanted as long as it was related to the class, so I chose to talk about translation of books. For this I used The Snowman by Jo Nesbø and The Last Child by John Hart. I am reading have read each book in their original language and the translated version, only to fall madly in love with each of the books no matter what language. So here comes my recommendation of the day:


Seriously, more exciting and captivating books are hard to find. Personally I thought the English-translated version of The Snowman sucked when it came to grammar but it was still pretty enjoyable just because of the plot! So if you’ve got some extra time on your hands, get these books and start reading!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012


My blog has not been updated for two weeks. Why? Because I can think of absolutely nothing to write about. I fear that I’d scare you all away or bore you to death if I shared simple, average stories such as: “today I was at school, blah” or “working today…again…”. I wish my life was super exciting and that I had loads to just pile on you! I wish I had so much that I had to post multiple posts a day! But alas…. I haven’t taken a single picture in all of February.

BUT WAIT! All this is about to change!! I received some great new information these past weeks. After several failed russegroups, I finally have a great girl group who are just as excited for May as me! So now, as soon as February is over, it’s on! In March we’ll get our russeclothes, we’ll have the russeshow and start fixing up the car; in April we’ll finish off most of our schoolwork and get ready for exams as well as the start of russ is in the end of this month; and in May it’s all russeparties, celebration, exams and we’re almost done! It’ll go so fast, and it’ll be SO fun! This will be worth taking pictures of and sharing them with you all!


Happy belated valtentine’s!


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