Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Me, my car and our little quirks

Yeah, I talk to my car. I really do. I talk to her like she’s a little kid, or a dog.. I don’t think she minds though, and she always gives me great response…


Like the other day when I got back from Oslo; she’d been parked at the train station for a few days and you could tell it had been cold. There was frost on her insides and she sounded a little chilly as I started her up.. I apologized for leaving her out in the cold for so long and promised to get her nice and warm. I think she liked that because she drove me home..


I had been warned ahead of time that the road up to our house was slippery as anjfjeuidxj! So nervous as I was knowing that my baby here is a lightweight, I promised her that she would stay in the nice, dry and warm garage that night if she got us up the hill… It worked, need I say more?


Of course, I’m a respectable person; so I made sure to thank her for being the best car ever as soon as we got home!

Do you ever talk to your things?



  1. Yes. I talk to my coffee cup when it's empty.

  2. I think it's cool that you talk to inanimate things. Objects like cars and coffee cups do need a little appreciation from time to time. I talk to my stuffed animals..when no one is around.

  3. Hey! I also do that! ;) Talking to your car is just normal, next to giving your car a name! :) I love my car, just like how I love my pet. That’s why I also gave her name, and I talk to her. :p For me, there is nothing wrong with interacting with your car. Like our loved ones, our car also makes us happy. For as long as you give them the proper care that it needs, it will always be there for you. Your car will always be willing to go wherever you want to go. ;) This is me, getting mushy. Haha!

  4. Count me in! I name my cars too! I treat my cars like they’re my own children! I just feel more attached whenever I give names to my most cherished possessions. It makes me want to take care of them the best way that I can.