Thursday, May 31, 2012

My new personal planner

A while ago a friend of mine in class was writing in a little planner she had. I complimented it, and was told that she had designed and ordered it herself. Impressed as I was, knowing I was soon going to be a University student with needs of being organized (and the 17% discount I was offered per e-mail by this site), I went in and ordered one myself!

You can design pretty much anything you want! The cover, the back, the colors, the inside…
You can even add little gadgets like to do lists (that is what I have in the picture above), work-out list and so on. The web page is in Norwegian so I’m assuming it’s mainly in Norway, but who knows, maybe you can write to the makers and ask for a personal english version!  You can visit the web page HERE! Have fun designing and getting organized!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Some old friends

I’ve never lived in the US, but multiple times we’ve been there to visit family. Each and every time we fall again and again for American goodies such as tootsie rolls, cherry mashes, gum with more flavours than mint… There is so much, and despite how superficial it is we are overjoyed when we find these things overseas…
Nooo, we didn’t get this in Norway.. we were in Sweden for the day, and luckily our neighbours have some goodies we can enjoy from time to time! It’s the little things in life…

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Back for breakfast

I planned on taking a break from blogging for a month because of all the exams I was going to be having in this period. Turned out I was real lucky. In Norway you “come up” in exams, meaning you don’t have one for each subject but you’ll be picked out for three written exams and one oral. One of these written ones have to be in bokmål, which is one of the two official Norwegian written standard languages. I “came up” in chemistry, bokmål and nynorsk (the other official written language). This was a real joy, because both Norwegians are a lot easier than my science subjects such as chemistry and biology. Now I’m finished with my chemistry exam, and all I have left is the two Norwegians and an oral exam! So because I missed my blog so much, I thought I’d call it a two-week vacation instead!

I hate breakfast. For me it is really one of the worst meals of the day. This might not make sense to all, but having to eat breakfast for the sake of your health and daily energy when you have absolutely no desire to eat, is horrible. I rarely feel hungry in the morning. I don’t want to chew, I don’t want something heavy in my stomach, I would rather drink a cup of coffee and be on my way. Then one day, randomly watching Doctor Oz, he suggested something I hadn’t thought of before…
I’ve fallen in love. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been eating breakfast every day and enjoying it. Best part is? It’s actually quite healthy.
What you’ll need is:
- Turkish yoghurt or greek yoghurt.
- Honey
- Muslï
- Fresh berries
This is so simple, so fast, and yet so good. You can put it in a cup, a bowl, and choose the exact amount of hungry you are feeling at that very morning. There is just one rule, too much honey will remove the yoghurt taste and turn this breakfast horribly sweet. Find the right honey to yoghurt ratio though, and you have yourself a yummy, light breakfast – perfect for summertime!

By the way, I’ve updated and changed my entire blog in order to fit the season and the new upcoming events. Everything from the About Me page to the Contact page is new! Explore and let me know what you think!

Sunday, May 13, 2012


This past weekend I actually had tickets to yet another weekend at Tryvann (the big russeparty down by Oslo). However, I am in no way whatsoever a real big party person. I’m tired after all the other partying, so I ended up spending the weekend with Paul instead.

2012-05-12 18.01.09

Staying in our apartment, even for just a weekend makes me super excited to move in here. Best thing is; I’m doing it in just 1,5 month! I volunteered to make dinner one night, just to get into the “homey” feeling of being there. I ended up making meat soup, herb rolls and white chocolate mousse for dessert.

2012-05-12 19.22.15

On my way home I was thinking about wanting to blog. Then I had a thought, a sort of realization. The next month will for my sake be filled with exam after exam, and when I’m not having an exam I’ll most likely be studying for one or working. For that reason I’ve decided to take one months vacation from blogging to focus on these things. When I come back my blog will have a completely new angle. It’s no longer going to be high school Sarah, excited for the russing and my quiet life on a tiny island. It’s going to be my moving to Oslo, how I adapt to city life, summertime in the capital of Norway and the starting of my new life as a university student!

So with that said, have a nice month everybody! See you soon!


Sunday, May 6, 2012


I haven’t blogged in over a week because the russ celebration is completely taking over! Things have been happening all the time and I’ve been so busy that my blog has just has been down prioritized. I’ve been to a giant party called Tryvann near Oslo. All the russ from my school convoyed down there and had a great weekend with nice weather and a great atmosphere!






I had a blast, and was dead exhausted when I got home! I danced, laughed and just had a great time. Then, at the end of another week I got to do it all over again! Me and all the other russ from my school went up to Lillehammer (or known as Lilyhammer since the new show called so), to spend more time celebrating almost being done with 13 years of school! It. Was. So. Freakin’. FUN!













These weekends have tought me some things:

  • The Oslo-russ use a psychotic amount of money on this celebration
  • Bring a change of shoes when you’re going to jump/dance in a puddle
  • A real toilett is a lot more important than one would think
  • Drunk people are great fun to dance with
  • I have some of the best friends in the world

I’ve truly made some of the best memories of a lifetime. My American friend Berit was here for the past two weeks, and the celebration wouldn’t have been the same without her. She left for home today, and despite that it is sad to see her leave, I have no doubt that she will be back and we will see her again!

With two more weeks to go, there might just pop up some more pictures in the near by future – so stay tuned!


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