Thursday, April 26, 2012


Since yesterday, my red overalls have been on! The same with all the other russ in my area! It’s been crazy so far, and it’s not even gone two days! We started Tuesday evening with our “baptism” were we are batized in bear or some other form of alcohol, we get our “russename” on our hats and then we party all night!







There is a tradition that the russ get a list of “knots”, that are like dares but for each one you do you get to tie a certain item related to that “knot” in the thread hanging from out hats! Some are really stupid, some are just fun and some are nasty.. some of us made knot number 44: “Eat your entire russ-card” our first knot…



No, it didn’t taste good at all. The party continued into the darkness, and it was so fun! We danced and laughed and celebrated almost being done with THIRTEEN years of school…





Eventually some faded off, exhausted by the nightlife going on…


And then some more faded off….


After a while me and my three other wonderful friends (BY THE WAY, DO ANY OF YOU REMEMBER BERIT?! She came back from the US just to spend a few weeks with us! Yaaaaaay!)


Anyhoot, the four of us were cold and tired, and the thought of staying up all night and actually spending the night outside of the school was not tempting whatsoever. We ended up walking up to my house (I live right by where the baptism was) and crashing for a few hours. Then, in the morning we joined the rest of the russ for breakfast with the principal and the traditional russ-release (which is basically all the russ standing by the busstop at school and hosing down all 1st and 2nd graders with water)!



My wonderful russegroup, Partysquad, haven’t had an easy start! This past Monday we were going to take our car to get approved as a russecar (meaning they check that tables and seatbelts and all is safe since a lot of russ fix their cars). Just as we got out of the driveway our car was staying in, it died. We had engine problems and never got the car to the approval. After having it at a workshop we got it back yesterday. When we took it to get approved we ended up having multiple problems making it “not approved”. So since yesterday we’ve been stressing to get the car fixed, but I still think it’s looking good!






I’m taking tons of pictures for my blog and I’ll continue to do so this weekend when we go to Tryvann, a giant russeparty near Oslo! Hope you all have a great weekend!!


Saturday, April 21, 2012


In just a few days the russing starts! I’m prepared that the next three weeks will be long, exhausting, but suuuuuuuuuuuuuuper fun! My group is pretty much done with our car, and it looks GREAT!



So considering I’m not going to have another relaxing weekend for about 3 weeks, I’m taking this one off big time! Besides going to work for a few hours today, I’m just going to study for my chemistry finals next Tuesday and relax while getting as much sleep as possible! I’m going to try to take tons of pictures of the russing and share them with you right here on my blog! So just wait, things are getting ready to rrrrrruuumblee!


Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Even though I’m not moving for another 2 months, I’ve started looking a little at my wardrobe because I have to downsize it when I move. Right now it’s packed full with things I wear “sometimes” and things I want to look good in. I’m struggling trying to find out what I’d like to bring with me when I go down to Oslo.


As you can see, I have no idea how to dress myself. Or better yet, I have no idea how to dress my body type. I am tall, yet I don’t really have those long legs you expect tall girls to have. My waistline isn’t very slim either because of my current health-shape (but for the record I’ve been working on that and I’m having good results – that’s for another post!). In some ways you could say I have an upside down pear shape. I’m wider at the top, and very slim from above my knees and down. Not to mention I have a flat ass no butt.

I know what style I like. Personally I wish I had some sort of vintage rock chick style, feminine but not girly, kind of with a touch of attitude. I don’t freak out about bugs or cry over a broken nail, but I still want to be a girl. A style like Peyton in One Tree Hill or something like these styles…




I love skinny jeans, but I’m starting to wonder if they are the right kind of pants for my body. Another problem I have is that I fear loose tops will make me look bigger, while form-fitting tops make me look lumpy. I honestly can’t find something I’m content with!

Not to mention, when I’m all of a sudden not living in a small town anymore but the capitol of Norway, I sort of feel I want to look more fashionable than I do here. It’s more natural to wear wedges in Oslo than in farmland, or big “Gucci”-bags. I don’t feel very fashionable, I don’t feel very feminine, and I definitely don’t feel confident with my style.

Does anybody have any advice as to what kind of clothing might work for me?


Sunday, April 15, 2012


I have to share my new discovery with you. I usually suck at painting my nails and rarely do it because I always get tired of the color real fast. The other day however, my boss gave me one of the new sample nailpolishes from L’Oreal as a prize for a small selling contest we had. I could choose between a dull purple-ish color (note: I love purple)…


No this isn’t my photo, I found it on google. Becaaause I chose option number two; a bright orange nail polish!

2012-04-13 19.21.33

The second I tried it on, I loved it. Every time I look at my nails now they make me smile because they’re so bright. I even inspired a customer who saw my nails and asked where she could find bright nail polishes such as mine! This is a new collection from L’Oreal that was launched this April, and it’s really great! The size is not that big that you won’t use everything before it dries out, yet not so small that you’re left trying to peel out the little that is left. Also, the shape of the brush is fantastic and easy to use so that you don’t paint all over your fingers! Best of all? It looked great just after one layer!


Tuesday, April 10, 2012


This easter I was invited to a friend’s cabin for the easter weekend! Me, Thea (the cabin owner) and Matilde went up to the mountain after we were all done at work this past saturday (we all work at the same mall).


When we got up there, the sun was shining and everybody who owned a cabin up there was out skiing or walking! We, however, had planned on making this a nice and comfy indoor weekend!


The cabin was cozy and simple, with no electricity or indoor plumbing (eek). It worked out all right though, with smart solutions such as a waterpump coming from a bucket of water worked as a tap and solar panels let us not have to light a million candles to see at night. Still we had to keep a fire going in order to stay warm, but that just added to the cabin feeling!



Being older than we used to be on girls-nights, we planned on enjoying some white wine while up in the careless wilderness. Matilde brought a funny little friend to help us with that, perfect for the easter holiday!



But that wasn’t the only entertainment we had! We played cards, boardgames and even sketched some!



We also made yummy food, like tacos and tandoori chicken! Not to mention, considering the holiday we had each our easter egg by our side all weekend!



The last day it was snowing like nobody’s business! During the first part of the day, at least 10 cm (almost 4 inches) of snow stuck to the ground. Just perfect considering we actually had to go outside in order to leave that day! Say it with me people: COLD!



It was a wonderful weekend with these two wonderful girls! I had a great time and I’m hoping for another trip like this before we spread out into the world this fall!


Did you have a nice easter holiday?


Sunday, April 1, 2012


I’m not that good at pro-blog stuff like link-ups, sponsors and all that. I have no idea how it works, what it means, or anything like that! However, I really enjoyed Megans post about her quirks when she “linked-up” The Company of Clever. Lightbulb, maybe what I’m doing now is linking up?

Anyways, I thought I’d share some of my quirks. In all honesty I could probably name too many, but I still want those of you who read my blog to like me so I’ll only name a few!

1. I hate when the toilettpaper is hanging the wrong way. It really bothers me and I usually correct it.


2. I cry waaaay too easily and it bothers the heck out of me because it makes me feel childish. As my mom said it: “ I cry at the drop of a hat”. I’m trying to work at it, hopefully I can control it one day!

3. I do not drink milk by itself, at all. Nor do I eat ketchup on anything but burgers.

4. I have troubles laughing with sound. I usually smile and make some weird breathing sound, so people understand that I think whatever they say is funny and I’m not just some slow person…


5. I can’t wear lipstick or lipgloss because I lick it off right away without even thinking about it..



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