Thursday, April 26, 2012


Since yesterday, my red overalls have been on! The same with all the other russ in my area! It’s been crazy so far, and it’s not even gone two days! We started Tuesday evening with our “baptism” were we are batized in bear or some other form of alcohol, we get our “russename” on our hats and then we party all night!







There is a tradition that the russ get a list of “knots”, that are like dares but for each one you do you get to tie a certain item related to that “knot” in the thread hanging from out hats! Some are really stupid, some are just fun and some are nasty.. some of us made knot number 44: “Eat your entire russ-card” our first knot…



No, it didn’t taste good at all. The party continued into the darkness, and it was so fun! We danced and laughed and celebrated almost being done with THIRTEEN years of school…





Eventually some faded off, exhausted by the nightlife going on…


And then some more faded off….


After a while me and my three other wonderful friends (BY THE WAY, DO ANY OF YOU REMEMBER BERIT?! She came back from the US just to spend a few weeks with us! Yaaaaaay!)


Anyhoot, the four of us were cold and tired, and the thought of staying up all night and actually spending the night outside of the school was not tempting whatsoever. We ended up walking up to my house (I live right by where the baptism was) and crashing for a few hours. Then, in the morning we joined the rest of the russ for breakfast with the principal and the traditional russ-release (which is basically all the russ standing by the busstop at school and hosing down all 1st and 2nd graders with water)!



My wonderful russegroup, Partysquad, haven’t had an easy start! This past Monday we were going to take our car to get approved as a russecar (meaning they check that tables and seatbelts and all is safe since a lot of russ fix their cars). Just as we got out of the driveway our car was staying in, it died. We had engine problems and never got the car to the approval. After having it at a workshop we got it back yesterday. When we took it to get approved we ended up having multiple problems making it “not approved”. So since yesterday we’ve been stressing to get the car fixed, but I still think it’s looking good!






I’m taking tons of pictures for my blog and I’ll continue to do so this weekend when we go to Tryvann, a giant russeparty near Oslo! Hope you all have a great weekend!!


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  1. Sounds like you are having a lot of fun! Happy weekend!