Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Even though I’m not moving for another 2 months, I’ve started looking a little at my wardrobe because I have to downsize it when I move. Right now it’s packed full with things I wear “sometimes” and things I want to look good in. I’m struggling trying to find out what I’d like to bring with me when I go down to Oslo.


As you can see, I have no idea how to dress myself. Or better yet, I have no idea how to dress my body type. I am tall, yet I don’t really have those long legs you expect tall girls to have. My waistline isn’t very slim either because of my current health-shape (but for the record I’ve been working on that and I’m having good results – that’s for another post!). In some ways you could say I have an upside down pear shape. I’m wider at the top, and very slim from above my knees and down. Not to mention I have a flat ass no butt.

I know what style I like. Personally I wish I had some sort of vintage rock chick style, feminine but not girly, kind of with a touch of attitude. I don’t freak out about bugs or cry over a broken nail, but I still want to be a girl. A style like Peyton in One Tree Hill or something like these styles…




I love skinny jeans, but I’m starting to wonder if they are the right kind of pants for my body. Another problem I have is that I fear loose tops will make me look bigger, while form-fitting tops make me look lumpy. I honestly can’t find something I’m content with!

Not to mention, when I’m all of a sudden not living in a small town anymore but the capitol of Norway, I sort of feel I want to look more fashionable than I do here. It’s more natural to wear wedges in Oslo than in farmland, or big “Gucci”-bags. I don’t feel very fashionable, I don’t feel very feminine, and I definitely don’t feel confident with my style.

Does anybody have any advice as to what kind of clothing might work for me?



  1. my only advice i can give is wear what you feel comfortable in! comfortable=confidence. and confidence is the best style one can exude!

  2. I'm with Megan. A smile is the best, most attractive addition to anyone's wardrobe, and you don't have to buy that anywhere. I see all kinds of "looks" on the streets of Oslo. You're a cute young lady...wear things that feel right to you, be confident in yourself, and the rest will take care of itself.