Sunday, April 15, 2012


I have to share my new discovery with you. I usually suck at painting my nails and rarely do it because I always get tired of the color real fast. The other day however, my boss gave me one of the new sample nailpolishes from L’Oreal as a prize for a small selling contest we had. I could choose between a dull purple-ish color (note: I love purple)…


No this isn’t my photo, I found it on google. Becaaause I chose option number two; a bright orange nail polish!

2012-04-13 19.21.33

The second I tried it on, I loved it. Every time I look at my nails now they make me smile because they’re so bright. I even inspired a customer who saw my nails and asked where she could find bright nail polishes such as mine! This is a new collection from L’Oreal that was launched this April, and it’s really great! The size is not that big that you won’t use everything before it dries out, yet not so small that you’re left trying to peel out the little that is left. Also, the shape of the brush is fantastic and easy to use so that you don’t paint all over your fingers! Best of all? It looked great just after one layer!



  1. Great colour, I also love orange nail polish!

  2. i rocked some orange nails the other day and it was fun! i wish i had a better tan though!!! i love the first color you have on here too!