Monday, May 20, 2013


I am very pleased to announce that May is going FANTASTIC, except for exams of course.. But I’m not here to write about exams! I’m here to tell you about my “trying new things” and announce wonderful news in my weight-loss journey.

First of all I mentioned that one of my goals for May was trying new things. Now some weeks I have been better than others at remembering this goal, but I still feel I’ve tried new things or familiar things in new ways. In the first week of May, my boyfriend wanted to celebrate Cinco de Mayo by trying to make Ceviche. He succeeded; it was so fresh and so good!



Then in the second week of May, I got to try Curry chicken (which I’ve tried before) with squash (which I have tried once and hated). To my surprise, I loved it! My wonderful partner in crime, ehem sorry, meant boyfriend… made this with veggies I rarely eat and yet it tasted so yummy I just had to go back for seconds…


My memory fails me a bit, and I can’t remember if I tried anything specifically new last week. However Paul has been really good about making sure I have lots of veggies, some of which I’m not always so fond of. So that counts a little. Otherwise I could list up drinking my TWO first cups of coffee with no sugar – EVER. I always have sugar and milk in my coffee, though I’ve been better about using less and less sugar. But no sugar was unthinkable. Even so, this past Saturday I had not one, but two cups of coffee with a little milk and NO sugar. Proud to say the least!

Then on to some great news. Last week I was able to announce that I had lost my first 5 kg (11lbs) since I started trying to get healthier. I celebrated by treating myself to a new piece of jewelry that I fell madly in love with.


Then, as if that great news didn’t make me happy enough, I finally got into the 85’s today!


So to sum it up, May is going great! I’m losing weight, reaching goals, and best of all; once this month is over, I’m going to Texas!



Friday, May 3, 2013

We MAY just be closer to summer now

Yeah, I’m pretty good at puns. I can’t help but feel a little shocked that it’s already May. Time has just flown by, and in under a month it’s summer. Crazy, but very cool.

My goals for April didn’t do that well. I was able to work out twice a week, but I didn’t reach 85kg (got to 86,2) nor did I walk to work each day. No problem though; a new month is new opportunities. My goals for May are #1: Trying a new dish each week. #2: Get under 82kg and #3: Doing at least 2 cardio exercises a week. Woop woop go May!



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