Monday, July 2, 2012

Hello City Life

Yesterday I moved to Oslo! We got in late so all I “unpacked” was my bed, the rest we’ve worked on today. I’m still using boxes as dressers because we need to get more storage for clothing, but otherwise I got everything unpacked into my new little home!
To get some fresh air and some food for this week we took a little trip on the subway to an area in Oslo called Grønland (Greenland). Our mission: to find a good foreign store. These stores tend to have the best quality on fruit and vegetables, however the quality of this differs from place to place. Luckily we googled a little and found a GREAT place!
The selection was big and the quality was fantastic. Not to mention there was tons of people there, obviously a popular place. We were even able to get some fresh corn, yum! Can’t wait to find more great places like this. It’s fun.

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  1. The ethnic stores Grønland definitely have the best, freshest, and most reasonably priced produce in Oslo. They are also my go-to place for things that are difficult to find, like odd spices, grains and pastas, etc. Unfortunately, not the things from the US like we miss (hello, Wheat Thins!), but they have a lot of the rest of the world covered. The halal butcher shops are as far as I can tell the only place you can get chicken (aside from frozen breasts or wings coated in orange slime) without taking out a loan, and their other meats are usually well-priced too. It seems a little seedy, I don't go there at night, but then the stores aren't open so no need. I can think of at least five that I like to go to, depending on what I'm seeking (often either produce or Indian/Middle Eastern stuff). If you like Thai/Viet/Chinese goods, there are a lot more places. I think you'll have a great time discovering...enjoy!