Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Day two; Good morning!

I’m an old soul, so I tend to wake up earlier than I’d like for the simple reason that I’m awake. Paul however, could sleep all day. So instead of waking him with me I let him sleep in while I got myself a little breakfast and a cup of coffee.
I love this for breakfast. I’m rarely hungry in the morning so this little thing is just the right stuff to get you going without having to fill up. Greek yoghurt, müsli, blueberries and honey – easy peasy.
One of the things I’ve enjoyed the most when I’ve been here before and that I’m enjoying a lot right now is the people-watching possibilities from my apartment. We live on a high first floor, and the view from our window is this:
Right outside this picture on the left is some traffic lights, so most cars driving past here end up stopping. Little do they know that creepy little me is watching them from my window while eating greek yoghurt and drinking coffee. It’s very funny, people do a lot of weird things when they think they’re alone in their car. I’m pretty sure this will be how I keep myself entertained whenever I get sick from now on.
Have a great day!


  1. Unni (p'kail)July 3, 2012 at 3:02 AM

    Gratulerer med ny leilighet og starten på noe nytt og spennende, Sarah og Paul :-) Gleder meg til fortsettelsen, dette var fornøyelig lesning (selv om mine gamle øyne slet litt med liten skrift) <3 Enjoy the day

  2. So now you're going to be a stop light spy?? Tell me what you determine from watching others. Don't just watch what they do, but think about who they are; where they are going; are they happy? Lots of things you can learn watching people.

    I'm so happy for your new move! I love you and hope you have the rich, full life you so deserve!

    This is a cool way to keep up with my busy, busy, socialite Grandaughter!