Monday, July 23, 2012


Yesterday was the one year anniversary of the attacks in Oslo and on Utøya that took the life of 77 innocent people. I was in Trondheim when this happen, happily spending a few days there as a vacation with my boyfriend. I didn’t really know any of the victims or survivors, so my life went on as normal; barely affected. It might sound heartless, but there are so many horrible things that happen in the world and life usually has to move on. This year however, on this day, I went downtown Oslo with my camera to get a look as to how this day affected people.
It was powerful.
People left roses everywhere. Every time I watched a young child walk up to the growing pile of roses, leaving a small, single rose; I felt like each rose stuck out even more. Each rose was a thought, a memory, a feeling. All these people took a single moment from their busy lives to leave their mark on how this day affected them. Being there alone, I noticed more of these moments than I usually would; and I wanted to share them here with those interested in the power of moments.
IMG_3306 (2)
IMG_3332 (2)
IMG_3339 (2)
IMG_3344 (2)
IMG_3371 (2)
IMG_3399 (2)
IMG_3403 (2)
IMG_3409 (2)
IMG_3410 (2)
IMG_3412 (2)
IMG_3418 (2)
IMG_3420 (2)

IMG_3426 (2)
IMG_3429 (2)
IMG_3433 (2)
IMG_3434 (2)
Have a beautiful day…

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  1. Love the way you took a picture of all those people holding around eatchother <3