Thursday, June 28, 2012

Things that bother me while driving

I spend a lot of time thinking out loud to myself in the car. It’s kind of like having a conversation with myself. While driving to work today I was thinking about all the things that bother me while I’m driving. These things happen often enough that I end up thinking – AGAIN? Sure, I’m a huuuuuuuuge hypocrite in my driving style and I totally acknowledge this. However, I’m more of a “local hypocrite”.. I know the road I drive every day to and from work/school so I know where I can drive so and so, I don’t do it otherwise. Yet some of these things can’t compare to any kind of driving I do.
1. Suicide birds: I cannot be the only person who has noticed these. The little birds that sit on the side of the road and fly away right in front of your car just as you pass them. Ugh.
2. No-sense drivers: These guys drive 50/60 in the 80-zone (km/h) and then when we enter the 60-zone they drive 70. Seriously?
3. Cats: I used to think cats were intelligent, and then I got my license. They always do one of two things: they lie down in the middle of the road where they were and stare at your oncoming car, or they run away – across the road right infront of your car.
5. Mr. Takes No Hints: When there are 10 cars driving up your behind, take a hint and realise you are the slow one.
6. The tease: Those guys who drive real slow through the curvy roads with bad sight ahead, and then the second you get a straight strech to drive past them they speed up to the speedlimit.
7. Blinkers: Or rather, non-blinkers. When driving out from a parking lot and waiting for that one car to pass, and then just as they are right by you they blink and swing in to that parking lot.
And finally, my Norwegian favourite…
8. Figure skaters: On the slippery, icy, Norwegian winter roads they don’t realise it’s winter and the roads are, in fact, slippery. Scary.
I hope I’m not alone in these thoughts? Maybe I’m just an easily annoyed driver, bad Sarah, bad. Have a great weekend!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Bzzz-Bzzz-Busy Bee, yes that’s me!

Wow, June has gone by fast. With just one more week, I thought maybe I could share what I’ve been up to. I’ve had my excuses, I really have. I had my oral exam, and got an A (woohoo!), I’ve worked preeeetty much every day for about eight hours a day in this temporary outlet store we’ve had at Lindex. Turned out we were drowning in old clothes in our storage room, so my boss rented a vacant store in the mall and we had a huge sales outlet with sick prices. Glad I don’t own Lindex, would have hated to see all those clothes go for sooo much under the valued price. But the store has kept me busy and made me exhausted. I’ve been running it alone in the day-time and someone else took over around five pm.
2012-06-19 13.25.18
2012-06-12 15.09.23
It’s been low quality, but people have gone crazy buying stuff and after a log 10 hour workday tomorrow we’re closing down that shop! I also spent a lovely evening with two of my best friends. We’re all about to spread out into the world, and so it’s nice to spend some time together..
2012-06-15 20.35.19
Then finally, this past Wednesday, we graduated the Norwegian high school! It felt goooood.
In a week I’m moving to Oslo. I’ll try to blog before then, but on’t be offended if posts don’t come until after! Excited!

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Today was a good day. Do you know what this is?
2012-06-07 12.13.05
No? You still might not know what it means? How about this?
2012-06-07 12.13.22
If you’ve read my blog before you might remember that I have four exams, three written and one oral. We don’t get to choose or know before-hand what class we’ll have an oral exam in until two days before. My biggest worry was that I was going to get biology, stricly because the chances were so high. However, I was soooo lucky! I got English! So Monday I’ll have my final exam in my English Literature and Culture class! WOOOHOOO!!!