Sunday, October 30, 2011


After I tried the food at Brumunddal Sushi, I want to eat there all the time. I’m cheating however, I still haven’t tried SUSHI. By this I mean that the only raw fish I’ve tried is the salmon ones. My favorite “sushi” so far is the Spicy Tempura Maki, which for those uneducated about sushi is fried scampi, avocado, chillimayo and rice rolled in nori. I’m addicted to it and I would buy it every day if I could. However, I’m poor and I can’t…


Now what I would like to know is: What is your favorite type of sushi and why? I’m thinking about trying more so I’d like to have a little idea about what is good and what is not.


For the record, I know I suck as a blogger and I disappear alot. I hope you guys still might check by my blog every now and then.


Friday, October 14, 2011

ROME– a love story

I fell in love this past week… with Rome. Such a beautiful city, such friendly and outgoing people, the fooood… Ah, I simply love it and going home almost brought a tear to my eye. Things were just so charming in an italian style.


Our apartment was on Via del Moro, one of the most popular streets in the Trastevere. There was constantly people walking outside our charming windows, some were singing in Italian, some were tourists…


To sum it up short, our apartment was in the perfect location! If anything, my parents might say they wished they had a bedroom. One of the beds was right by the windows and considering the “Bakery” right below our apartment also seemed to be one of the most popular bars in town, it got noisy at night..



It still felt as if we were in the heart of Rome, where everything happened and everyone wanted to be! Right around on the otherside of our block was the small Piazza di Santa Maria where people were entertaining almost every night! Romans have such an outgoing zest about them!


There was another group the same night the photo above was taken that were just dancing to a beat, but they were so lively that they got the entire crowd to dance along! I loved it!

Then, there was the food.. Come on.. who doesn’t love italian food?



I’m a carbaholic, so I enjoyed myself (and so did those few extra pounds that joined me after dinner).

One of the best experiences was one of our first evenings when me and my boyfriend were going to go out for a little evening stroll. I ended up telling him there was something special I wanted to show him and we ended up running up and down streets trying to find our way. The entire time, I was the only one knowing where we were going without actually knowing where to go. Eventually though, after some detours, we reached the Colosseum which was lit up for the night. Totally a redcommendation for anyone looking for a little adrenaline rushing experience on an unplanned event.

Then of course there was the sights, monuments and historical places.. We got a guided tour of the Colosseum and the Palantine Hill before we also checked out the Roman forum. All amazing places, totally worth it to see – but get a guide, helps you know a little more about what you’re looking at!



I think the monument that impressed me the most was the Trevi fountain. It was sooo much bigger than I expected! And in hopes of returning to Rome, I threw a coin in the fountain..



One thing you might not think to do but you totally should do is visit the top of the Musei Capitolini. It will make you feel like this…


when you’re standing there looking over this…



I could go on and on forever because I loved all of it. Adjusting to the crazy traffic in Rome, the super friendly service at restaurants, the beautiful chocolate shop owner who was 90 but looked 60 (she said because of the chocolate), the cobblestone roads, the music in the streets, the gelato, sitting in the sun drinking white wine and simply experiencing Rome in one of the best times possible! I loved it, and I am going back one day!

To see the rest of the pictures from my trip you can go to facebook and like my page:

Here I will be giving notice of when new posts are up and posting some of the pictures that just can’t fit into my posts!

Hope you all had a great week and that you’re ready for some new posts!


Monday, October 3, 2011


I am SO sorry for ditching you all after all that wonderful support and advice! Seriously, it made me so happy to see you all come with so much advice for this little lost soul. Just ask my mom, I pretty much giggled like a 9 year old girl every time I got a new email giving me notice that there was a new comment on my blog. Thank all of you!

I really have been busy unfortunately, and this isn’t a comeback but rather a drop-by. In the past week I had tests, big assignments and work keeping me busy. Then, come weekend I finally got to spend time with my boyfriend and we went with my family to look at some puppies (our family is going to get one in a few weeks). They were SO adorable! Just see for yourself:

Also, earlier in the week the russ had our first “fun-day” (originally called a Terror-day, but that changed after this summer) where we mess around with 1st graders (1st graders for us is like Juniors in high school – the new guys).





Most 1st graders take it, knowing that they will get their chance in two years. The point isn’t to be mean, but rather mess around and prank with the new kids. We’ve aaaall been through it, even yours truly:


The only problem the school has had with this really is that some (most) russ use permanent markers. I however was so nice that I bought a whiteboard marker. Yeah, yeah. I know I just put on a big fat halo! ;)

Then on Friday we had our very first theme day!! It was ROCK AND ROLL baby!











It was extremely fun, and later that night followed a Rock and Roll party that was very fun! All in all a very good Russ kick off!

Now as I said, this wasn’t a comeback. I have a test + work tomorrow and a test + work on Wednesday, and then – ROME! I’m going to bring my computer to Rome, so I might be able to sneak in a post or two. But I’ll remember to take tons of pictures for you guys! Thanks again for all the support on my last post! You guys are my joy in blogging!


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