Sunday, October 30, 2011


After I tried the food at Brumunddal Sushi, I want to eat there all the time. I’m cheating however, I still haven’t tried SUSHI. By this I mean that the only raw fish I’ve tried is the salmon ones. My favorite “sushi” so far is the Spicy Tempura Maki, which for those uneducated about sushi is fried scampi, avocado, chillimayo and rice rolled in nori. I’m addicted to it and I would buy it every day if I could. However, I’m poor and I can’t…


Now what I would like to know is: What is your favorite type of sushi and why? I’m thinking about trying more so I’d like to have a little idea about what is good and what is not.


For the record, I know I suck as a blogger and I disappear alot. I hope you guys still might check by my blog every now and then.



  1. Of course we are, you are missed you know? I love the salmon nigiri and funnily enough thought of buying some as dinner. Hope you are OK!

  2. Occasional sushi eater here...not often enough to memorize what I like! I just try to make sure I try something different every other time, so my experience base expands (like my waist).

  3. oh i loveeeeee sushi! but sushi in bergen is terrible so i have only had it a few times here and refuse to do it again! my favorite is spicy tuna roll. i could eat it everyday for the rest of my life. no joke!