Sunday, May 27, 2012

Back for breakfast

I planned on taking a break from blogging for a month because of all the exams I was going to be having in this period. Turned out I was real lucky. In Norway you “come up” in exams, meaning you don’t have one for each subject but you’ll be picked out for three written exams and one oral. One of these written ones have to be in bokmål, which is one of the two official Norwegian written standard languages. I “came up” in chemistry, bokmål and nynorsk (the other official written language). This was a real joy, because both Norwegians are a lot easier than my science subjects such as chemistry and biology. Now I’m finished with my chemistry exam, and all I have left is the two Norwegians and an oral exam! So because I missed my blog so much, I thought I’d call it a two-week vacation instead!

I hate breakfast. For me it is really one of the worst meals of the day. This might not make sense to all, but having to eat breakfast for the sake of your health and daily energy when you have absolutely no desire to eat, is horrible. I rarely feel hungry in the morning. I don’t want to chew, I don’t want something heavy in my stomach, I would rather drink a cup of coffee and be on my way. Then one day, randomly watching Doctor Oz, he suggested something I hadn’t thought of before…
I’ve fallen in love. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been eating breakfast every day and enjoying it. Best part is? It’s actually quite healthy.
What you’ll need is:
- Turkish yoghurt or greek yoghurt.
- Honey
- Muslï
- Fresh berries
This is so simple, so fast, and yet so good. You can put it in a cup, a bowl, and choose the exact amount of hungry you are feeling at that very morning. There is just one rule, too much honey will remove the yoghurt taste and turn this breakfast horribly sweet. Find the right honey to yoghurt ratio though, and you have yourself a yummy, light breakfast – perfect for summertime!

By the way, I’ve updated and changed my entire blog in order to fit the season and the new upcoming events. Everything from the About Me page to the Contact page is new! Explore and let me know what you think!