Thursday, May 31, 2012

My new personal planner

A while ago a friend of mine in class was writing in a little planner she had. I complimented it, and was told that she had designed and ordered it herself. Impressed as I was, knowing I was soon going to be a University student with needs of being organized (and the 17% discount I was offered per e-mail by this site), I went in and ordered one myself!

You can design pretty much anything you want! The cover, the back, the colors, the inside…
You can even add little gadgets like to do lists (that is what I have in the picture above), work-out list and so on. The web page is in Norwegian so I’m assuming it’s mainly in Norway, but who knows, maybe you can write to the makers and ask for a personal english version!  You can visit the web page HERE! Have fun designing and getting organized!

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  1. herregud så smart! :D bestilte en selv jeg visst. ;)