Monday, February 27, 2012

A little taste of Oslo

In the past days I’ve gotten a taste of what life might be like when I move down to Oslo, and let me tell you; I love it!

I visited and took a tour around the University campus (the one I will be going to), which only made me even more excited for this fall! I loved being there and it felt so good and normal!


Me and Paul went to the Vigelands park, which is a huge park in Oslo with tons of sculptures of men, women and children.



We tried out this wonderful sushi place (thank goodness I know of a good one in Oslo now!) It was sooo yummy!


We went to an exciting new type of cinema than what I’m used to; they has “double” seats, sort of like couches for two and two..


But we weren’t just on the go either! We had relaxing days with a cup of tea or a nice homecooked meal (made by him in fact)…



Even though we made a brave attempt to go out on Saturday evening!


Here is the annoying thing about my age right now; I am 19 and I’ve always been mature for my age.. so when all I can get into is places for 18year olds and up, which in my opinion is nasty and quite tacky (everyone looks like they just turned 18 and can’t wait to get completely and utterly wasted), I find it even more annoying that I’m a tad too young to get into places with a 20 age limit. Not that people are that much better there but I prefer to go out for a drink,  some chatting and good company. In the beginning of the evening we went to the SkyBar at the Radisson Blu hotel; absolutely recommended! BEAUTIFUL view from the 34th floor of the hotel! Unfortunately we had heard earlier in the day that 18 was the age limit, so silly me went up to the bar and asked which of the drinks I could have only to find out it was actually 20 and we couldn’t be there if I was younger… BLAH.. Until next time…

Anyways, I still had a great time and I loved spending time with my honey. Have you been to Oslo, and what is your favourite activity/place there?


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  1. yayyyy im moving there on march 9 :)