Wednesday, February 15, 2012


My blog has not been updated for two weeks. Why? Because I can think of absolutely nothing to write about. I fear that I’d scare you all away or bore you to death if I shared simple, average stories such as: “today I was at school, blah” or “working today…again…”. I wish my life was super exciting and that I had loads to just pile on you! I wish I had so much that I had to post multiple posts a day! But alas…. I haven’t taken a single picture in all of February.

BUT WAIT! All this is about to change!! I received some great new information these past weeks. After several failed russegroups, I finally have a great girl group who are just as excited for May as me! So now, as soon as February is over, it’s on! In March we’ll get our russeclothes, we’ll have the russeshow and start fixing up the car; in April we’ll finish off most of our schoolwork and get ready for exams as well as the start of russ is in the end of this month; and in May it’s all russeparties, celebration, exams and we’re almost done! It’ll go so fast, and it’ll be SO fun! This will be worth taking pictures of and sharing them with you all!


Happy belated valtentine’s!


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  1. Cute photo Beara! You lead a very exciting life...why just the other day....oh wait...that wasn´t you....never mind....hahahahaha....just you babe....