Saturday, May 21, 2011

Stuff you probably didn’t think about

Here I am, 18 years old, it’s Saturday evening. Can you guess what this bad ass teen is doing? Come on, just guess.


That’s right, I’m sitting alone in our office reading for a Chemistry test. I’ve read 34 pages, written 13 pages of notes and I’m at this very moment (well not EXACTLY now since I’m obviously blogging) doing every single task in our study book. I’m been studying since yesterday, with the pauses of sleeping at night and working a 4 hour shift today. Best part? This isn’t it.

I also have a History presentation to prepare for Tuesday, about the witchburning in Bergen (back in the day, ya know). Now, this isn’t that much stress because I’m quite awesome at holding presentations (especially in History class). The only UGH (say it like you mean it) is that it takes time, ah precious time.

And here comes an even BETTER thing: I haven’t even started practising for my math exam which is the 31st of May! Seems like I am destined to be buried inside my school books 24/7 the next week or two. What ever happen to spare time? I guess this is just the start though.. so I decided that instead of being like this:


I’d focus on the bright side and be like this:


By the way, just to get your brains working a little – let me tell you about some interesting things you probably haven’t thought about…

Do any of you bake? If yes, you’ve probably used vanilla. Did you know that this is what vanilla looks like up close?


Yeah, bet you didn’t know you’ve been eating little bead-like things.

Also, did you know that the alcohol you just might be drinking this fine weekend looks like this up close:


Looks like a balloon dog doesn’t it? That’s the amazing world of Chemisty dear people. Have a great weekend and enjoy your beaded balloon dogs!



  1. You stumped everyone with this post...they´re all like.....balloon

    I believe in you girl...but remember to take breaks or you will burn out before you need to put all your studying to use...

    love ya <3

  2. You can do it! Keep up the good work honey :*

  3. LOL!!! Ohhh Sarah, I can't believe I now know what Vanilla looks like upclose all because of you!!! :-) Good luck on all of your upcoming tests!!!! :-)

  4. Omg - that is so much work. Chemistry? Impressive!

    Thanks for your post on suggesting the food experiences (especially since you were probably supposed to be doing homework) - great idea!