Sunday, May 1, 2011


I’ve been thinking a lot since I wrote my last post yesterday, and I was left having to look around for an answer myself since nobody seemed to want to answer…. hint hint!

May I just also say to any Norwegian readers that come by, if you are too shy to answer in English there is really nothing wrong with commenting in Norwegian. I’ve heard from multiple friends that they don’t comment because they don’t trust their English skills enough. No worrries!

Anyways, I was motivated then and there when I wrote my post. So I made myself a yummy breakfast, which in my opinion looked delish too!
I used to slices of white bread mostly because the leftover slices had to be eaten. I toasted them in a hot pan and then filled the sandwich with light cream cheese, turkey meat, a slice of cheese, cucumber, sweet peppers and a baby leaf mix. Not to mention a side of one of my favorite fruits. Sour green apples, yum! My breakfast got me thinking though, why is it we humans often are so muc more tempted by sweets and unhealthy things than to healthy things?

I googled it, because google always has an answer in my opinion. Most people ment that the sugar and fats had the same affects on people as drugs or tobacco. So I started to think about how I keep trying to get my dad to quit smoking, telling him it can’t be that hard and that it will be worth it. What if I start thinking of myself as an addict? What if I look at unhealthy stuff the same way that I look at smoking and drugs? I keep talking about how stupid people who do those things are, and that I can’t understand why they would choose to ruin their lives. Du-uh! I’m doing the same thing.

So now, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve taken measurements and pictures of myself. I’m ready to try hard and I will quit this addiction.

So here is my goal when it comes to exercise. 21 workout sessions within 7 weeks. That means that I should be working out 3 times a week. These sessions must be minimum 1 hour of efficient exercise to count. I’m going to call this The Bikini Challenge just for fun! 

How about we make it a group thing? If you need someone to help boost you with your exercise then join this challenge and we’ll push each other. Tell your friends and let’s see if we can make this challenge a thing.

Good luck!



  1. I got a bit hungry now, hahahah

  2. Sv: Takk =) Jeg er 1.65 :) Det er jo sant i det du sier, så jeg vil gå litt og litt ned og se hvor jeg føler meg bra :)

  3. SV: Hei, jeg har ganske nylig begynt å trene Squash, men jeg kan gjerne ordne et innlegg som forklarer sporten nærmere. Det er sagt at det skal være den sunneste sporten ihvertfall.. Bare følg med så kommer det ettervært :)

    Takk, høres utrolig spennende ihvertfall. Men tror jeg fokuserer på de målene jeg har selv fremover. Er ikke så glad i å ta bikini bilder, så står over den. Men et utrolig spennende tiltak.

  4. Eg e med på utfordringa:) Spennende å se forskjellen om 7 uker.

  5. SV: Det hørtes gøy ut, jeg må bli frisk i ryggen min før jeg kan være med på det! :D

  6. i think this challenge sounds AWESOME! only problem is i HATE working out and can't find the time. ill totally do this with u, but i would only do it by eating decent :-0