Saturday, May 14, 2011

Goodbye Bugs Bunny

Yesterday I heard a peculiar cry coming from outside on our porch. I went to check it but the cry quickly stopped and I thought it was probably just a bird.

A few minutes later the cry started again, so I went quickly out on the porch and heard the sound was coming from below it. I went down to find a itty bitty teenie tiny bunny. A hare actually. One of our cats, Stuart who is actually more of a lover than a fighter, was sitting right by and had probably chased the poor little guy up to our house. I picked the baby up and found no visible injuries but thought it was best to bring him inside away from the cats while he was in shock.


He was so tiny that he fit in the palm of my hand. He didn’t make much effort to move and almost seemed a bit cuddly. Since we didn’t know where he came from or where his mama was we decided to keep him in a box overnight with blankets and towels. He seemed to be doing well, coming out of shock and sniffing around in curiosity. We fed him a little and hope for the little guy we know named Bugs Bunny.

However, things changed quickly towards this evening and he seemed to be fading fast. He seemed tired and cried a lot, a cry that in my opinion sounded strangely similar to a real baby. I think maybe the maternal instinct in me kicked in then and I found myself cuddling him in a big, fuzzy sweater to keep him warm.

Unfortunately he didn’t make it, which was sad because he was such a sweet little guy. Rest in peace Bugs Bunny ♥


On a more positive note, I was at a girls night last night with the girls who I will be sharing a “russebil” (russe info here) with. It was very fun, and we planned a lot! Not all of what I can tell you guys about yet, but keep coming by my blog and then closer to this fall I will write a lot about my year as a russ! Something that will be very interesting for my non-Norwegian readers, I’m sure.

Have a great weekend everybody!


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  1. omg this post almost made me so sensitive when it comes to animals :-( im glad yall took care of bugs bunny during his final hours :-(