Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I know it’s not really late, but whatever. I thought I’d share an extra post with you guys today since my first post was in fact meant for yesterday. First of all I wanted to show you all one of my new purchases. I feel that if I could have any addiction, I would have a shoe addiction…


I’m loving how great these will look with some tight jeans and a nice, big, brown knitted sweater later this fall!

Anyways, I looked at my blog description today and noticed that I told you all when I started that you could follow my search for a healthier lifestyle. Hahah… then I also remembered writing about how I was jogging and running and eating good and all that, I even had The Bikini Challenge. Well, unfortunately I failed. I’ve been eating crappy, I haven’t exercised. All of a sudden I find myself hating that I didn’t spend the summer starting good habits.

This coming year has a lot of reasons for me to be healthier and more fit. First of all, I am going to be a Russ.. and I REALLY want to look good in my Russ-clothes when mid-April comes!


Second of all, this year I’ll get my final grade in gym class. My gym teacher is a milder form of Hitler, making good grades extremely hard to get. So being able to graduate from school with an acceptable grade would be very nice.

So I’m trying to start better habits now. My mom has started our family on a low-carb type diet, and today we had our first taste of what that meant.


Dinner was good! It was baked salmon filled with blue cheese, broccoli and cauliflower and a nice creamy sauce. Now honestly, I could do without the blue cheese. For my sake, if it’s mouldy – toss it… don’t go eating it. It’s nature’s way of telling you something has gone bad.

We also made our way to the gym today. I was very pleased after doing upper body workouts with my sister. I can already feel my muscles growing, or maybe they’re just crying a little in pain? I found myself facing a small problem before we went to the gym, my jogging shoes were really dirty from running in the woods. I thought to myself, honestly – you can’t wash them multiple times a week in order to use them in the gym. So I got myself indoor shoes….


It’s very nice to finally have a job….

After the gym, my mom and I went for a jog/walk with two of the dogs just so we could get some cardio into the day as well. It was very nice and we had some wonderful conversations.

I feel optimistic this time. My sister is starting at the same school as me now, which happens to be in the same area as our gym. So we’re planning on going there a couple days a week after school and working out. Hopefully, by mid-April, I’ll have a rockin’ body I’m pleased with!



  1. Well done, following your dreams :)

  2. I am loving those boots. They're cute and comfortable with the wedge heel. Those would also look great paired with gray leg warmers.

    Michelle ;)

  3. I also spent summer not working out/ eating the way i should darnit! but i have set myself a goal of looking awesome in a bikini next year...we shall see x