Friday, August 12, 2011


Guess what people, I think we’re going to Rome this fall!! My family is going to take some kind of family vacation in October, and we’d been looking around the south of Spain, south of France and south of Italy. We finally located cheap plane tickets and an awesome apartment in the heart of Rome. Honestly, I can’t wait.


I love history, and Rome is a city just bursting with history. All the wonderful things to see, from the Colosseum to The Vatican..


St Peters

From the Trevi Fountaint to the Pantheon…



Even from the Spanish Steps to the Gelato shops that are supposedly right down the street from our apartment…



Italy is the only country outside of Scandinavia and besides America that I have visited, and I truly loved it. The people are wonderful, the food is delicious and the scenery is just breathtaking. You get into a romantic (not like lovey dovey, but dream-like) state of mind by a place such as Italy.


I am so excited about this. Once we mentioned we were planning on going here, we’ve just heard SO many great things about Rome. People honestly seem to LOVE that city. So now, the only thing left is to hear if we get to rent the apartment for the time we plan to go there. Please cross your fingers for me!



  1. All will be well and you will have a wonderful time. Funnily enough we originally planned a trip to Rome as well, but had some changes, maybe next year to re-visit!

  2. i think you're going to have a blast! when i was growing up my latin club would visit rome every year. to be honest, ive only seen tourist things there...nothing more! im dying to travel back and see the things that give rome and italy such personality!

    if i come across any sites or blogs that indicate places to see there (obviously yall will know of the tourist hubs), i will pass them along!

    im so excited for you!