Thursday, August 25, 2011


I took French classes at school for five years. The first three were in middle school, the other two in high school. I’m done now, but last year we had a project in French where we were supposed to choose a region in France and have a presentation about it. I chose Alsace.



What makes Alsace so unique and different from other french regions is the Franco-Germanic culture. The region is in the North-East part of France, boardering Germany on the North side. The region has a lot of history with Germany despite being in France, which you can clearly see by the architecture, food and other cultural aspects.


For those who love markets, most towns in Alsace are appearantly crawling with them! Around Christmas time is the best market-time, where you can find all kinds of charming handmade things and baked snacks, etc…



Strasbourg French Moments 110  Francois Guernier

Aren’t those adorable? The cuisine there is also supposedly a nice mix between french and german gastronomy. Popular dishes are Charcuterie (Pork specialties), Choucroute (Sauerkraut), Foie gras (goose or duck liver patés) and Tarte aux Quetsches (tart of plums in flan). A lot of the wine is also quite similar to German wine, but with a fruitier and more robust taste.


If you’d like to explore both french and german culture at once, you love beautiful architecture and charming markets or you simply can’t help but go on a wine tasting trip – go to Alsace. I will…




If this post made you a little more curious of Germany, go visit this lovely little lady named Michelle’s blog over at HotPinkCombatBoots ! She does some very exciting post about Germany, places around Germany and some awesome Euro Trash posts! A definite recommendation!

Until next time.. Au revoir and auf wiedersehen!



  1. Love the area and Strasbourg is worth a visit or two!

  2. Ha - thanks for the blog love Sarah! I love Strasbourg - it is so beautiful and the shopping is amazing. I'm glad its on your list.

    I just returned from Belgium (literally - like an hour ago). It was only a 3 hour drive, and Brussels is simply amazing. New post.