Monday, August 8, 2011


This week I’m starting operation Get-into-school-mode. You see, when school starts I have to wake up at 6 am (if not a bit earlier), in order to make the 7 o’clock bus that takes an hour to school so I’m there by 8am. Now after spending most of the summer sleeping until 10-11 or even 12 o’clock, your body would kind of hit a wall if you all of a sudden one day started getting up at 6am. So with two weeks until school starts, I’ve planned on getting up at 9am every day this week, and 8am every day next week. It’s still a few hours between 8-9 and 6, but I’m guessing it’s better than nothing right?

So I’ve been sitting here since 9am, having a relaxing morning. I thought I’d share two things about me that you may or may not know by now. First of all, I hate breakfast. For me, it’s the worst meal through the day because I’m never hungry in the morning – but I know I need it to start my engines for the day! Ugh, problems. Might I add that it’s a lot easier for me to eat something unhealthy for breakfast if I’m going to eat something. So while trying to be healthier AND having to find something to keep me energized until my next meal, I find myself facing a wall of ideas.


So I’ve been trying to do it this way: I find something that sounds OK for breakfast the night before and then just stick with it in the morning, no matter how unappealing it sounds. So todays breakfast was crisp bread (never used this word but according to wikipedia it’s correct) with a light cream cheese, some slices of pepperoni and some onion and red pepper slivers sprinkled with garlic pepper. It’s an OK breakfast, not going to fill me very long but today I’m going to work for 5 hours at 2pm so I thought I’d rather have a light breakfast and a better lunch. My lunch for today will be something like this:


Lightly fried chicken breast with some kind of vegetable mix. I know, you’re just dying to be healthy too now huh?? Another little secret about me, I love chicken but I can’t eat much of it or I feel just sick. But that wasn’t the secret about me I was going to share.

I also – despite hating breakfast – loooove water! When I was younger, I drank whole milk. Eventually I went over to drinking plain milk because it felt too heavy for me. When the plain milk started tasting too heavy I went over to skim milk. Eventually, all milk just tasted nasty – so I stopped drinking milk. Orange juice is OK, but I’d rather drink it alone than with any meal. So I started to drink water, all the time. And maaaaan do I love it! Nothing is like an ICE COLD glass of water. Mmmmm…..


I hope you all have a great start to the week! Stay tuned for tomorrows post, where I will show you guys the awesome birthday present I put together for my baby sister who is turning 16 tomorrow!



  1. 16?! What a fun birthday. I'm looking forward to seeing what your gift it.

    I can't do baby corn. It freaks me out for some reason. The chicken and broccoli looks great though.


  2. i totally wanna try your breakfast. ive been getting bored with my breakfast here and that looks YUM!!!!!!