Friday, August 5, 2011


I am very happy with my job lately. Actually, I love it. I feel satisfied when I know I’ve given my all – done my best. Lately I’ve been better about cleaning, organizing, being efficient and I’m generally a lot more in with the system of how things work. I don’t find myself wandering anymore, wondering what to do or if I’m doing it right. I feel content and as if I know what I am doing. When customers ask me if we have this or that, I actually know where things are or if we have it! I find myself smiling to myself after having helped a customer, or rather – being able to help a customer.


What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to humanity. – Joseph Addison

Have a great weekend everybody! I might just be back tomorrow!



  1. A wonderful cheerful postm happy for you! And love the new picture on the blog! Looks great!

  2. im glad your job is going well girl!!! and i saw a lindex when i was in lithuania of all places. they had shirts for soooo cheap there so i bought a few :) just t-shirts :) but it was nice!