Saturday, August 13, 2011


When I got back from work today, I was tired – exhausted – my legs were extremely sore from my workout yesterday – and I was slightly irritated. I had gotten up at 6am (!!!!), in order to go to work at 8am and work until 4:30pm. You get my point…

Then I was told that I’d gotten mail today, and look what came…


The Russe Catalog! Now, honestly I’m not sure how much you readers know about the Russ in Norway. I know I’ve written some about it, but just tell me if there is anything you might wonder about it. Anyways… for the period of time one is a Russ in Norway, you usually have “russe clothes”. These are ordered from THIS catalog! So in here was the collection for the Russ of 2012!




Now the “most important” thing for a Russ, is the russepants. Usually, this is a red overall and you only buy one. The point is to have it through the entire russeperiod and to not wash it. People sign it and you put on iron-on stickers and so on. The pants above are the ones I liked in the catalog, most of them are a UNISEX type. Which one do you like the best?

I was also thinking about getting some of these things…




And even thought the russeperiod is in May, we live in Norway… so it’s a good idea to get some warmer russeclothes for the evenings!



Not 100% sure what all I am going to order yet, but in order to get some nice deals I’ll have to order before the 2nd of September. So you guys will find out what I ordered soon enough! Want to help me with another thing? Which of these iron-on font types do you like best? NAVN means NAME so my name will be there and I’ll have this on my pants…


I’m excited for this last school year! I think it will be a good one, with lots of exciting things to share with you guys. Yesterday I met my wonderful friend Matilde in order to do some school shopping. Stay tuned as I tomorrow will show you what all I got!



  1. I like the second font down from the top..with the black outline...and where is the purple fuzzy sweater jacket I loved so much???? You HAVE to order that for your mamma...she is a russ 2012 mamma....hahahahaha....ok, I can order it myself...they said I could....

  2. haha im so curious to see what you order (and im curious what my first experience with people during russ will be LOL)