Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I know I promised you guys an awesome birthday post, but last night my dad left for work (he is captain on a ship that is currently located in Brazil), and he just happened to take my computer charger by mistake. Luckily I noticed it quick enough that he has sent it from the hotel he stayed at in Oslo, so I'll get it back soon. But until then I have this older crappy computer that is real slow and not so good quality. So I'll save that post for later! 

Here is me and the birthday kid! I think and hope she had a great day! I'll tell you about it later!



  1. happpppy bday to her :) and ive missed your blog and am slowly catching up on it :) hope you're doing well!

  2. hey girl!!! i can definitely do my best to help yall depending on where you're going! i have done italy more than france or spain, however, but if i cant find something in those spots, i sure know someone who can :) when are you deciding where yall are goin?! (and can you throw me in your suitcase!?)