Friday, September 2, 2011


Yesterday, the 1st of September, my sister and I went for a walk with the dogs and we started to notice how quickly fall is starting. The weather was looking dangerous, it was blowing and tons of leaves were flying in the air. Amazing that August barely finished before fall started here.. and the weather isn’t the only way to tell. The temperature is also getting cold. I sleep with my window open (because I seriously can’t sleep in a warm room) and getting out of a warm blanket at 6am into a freezing cold room was not wonderful..

Haha I thought of something I could tell you guys about me that is somewhat related to this.. I have two blankets. Yes, two. The reason for this is that I like to alternate how many I use depending on the temperature when I go to bed, and because it’s nice to have an extra when Paul stay’s over. I also have 5 pillows but I think that’s just the American in me.. most of my friends, including my boyfriend sleeps with just one pillow. My head would never agree with that…


This is me, right now. I have put on some really soft pants and my teddyfleece jacket. I partly did this because of the temperature but also because I’m exhausted, sick and tired – so I wanted to be comfy. Gotta love that fall-flu…..


Don’t I look like Shrek here? Gotta love being bored AND blog-creative at the same time.. My lips are so dry from going out into the cold, then into a warm room, in and out, again and again. In some ways though, I don’t really mind.. it’s sort of just a fall tradition. The same with me having the flu. I’ll deal with it, because it just means fall is coming.


I love fall, it’s my favourite season. I just adore how even though things are getting colder – the colors just get warmer! Oh, and maple trees! Have you ever seen maple trees in the fall? My only girly fantasy about my future wedding is to get married in the fall under maple trees. They turn red, yellow, orange and pretty much every shade in between! I LOVE IT!

What is your favourite season and why?



  1. Autumn is also my favourite season, I was born in October :-)

  2. Jeg sover også med to dyner og fem puter. :D