Wednesday, September 7, 2011


At work we have to note down in a folder if and when we find ripped off tags, alarms or such. We then use this folder to keep a statistics about how much people steal and where in the store they steal from – in order to build ways to prevent it.

Today, while at work, I was walking around cleaning and folding clothes. I picked up a messed up pair of jeans and started to fold it when these fell out:


These tags are the type we have on accessories, and these jeans were not close to the accessories department. I went to the cash register and skanned them in. It was a belt and two pieces of jewelry. So then I had to note it down and put it in the folder with the rest of the found tags…


I am completely against stealing, however I can understand it in desperate times. If you’re starving and you steal a loaf of bread, or you’re close to freezing to death and you steal a sweater to keep warm – it’s not right but it’s survival. I would like to know when people started to need belts and jewelry to survive. Not that I think thieves read my blog, but if any happen to pop by: Seriously, you are stupid. Grow up and stop stealing.

Hope nobody takes this personally! Maybe this is the combination of a long day and my opinions! Have a nice evening!



  1. No, I think you are right, it is your opinion and correct so stick to it :)

  2. Ha - I love how you vent on your blog. Thieves really hurt everyone. Their behavior forces stores to buy anti theft devices, which then is a huge inconvenience if it isn't removed and you get it all of the way home. Not to mention the higher prices we all pay to make up for the store owners loss.

    You're right - quit stealing. (I'm with you on pretending their are thieves reading your blog). ha.