Monday, September 26, 2011


You might recall my previous post about my thoughts about perhaps becoming a teacher. However, while talking to my parents the other day they made some good points. The first thing to think about is the basic questions:

How long an education do I want to take? What kind of salary do I want to end up with? What goals do I have for my career future? And so on…

I already know the answer to these. I want a long and decent education, at least a masters if not more. I want to have an above average salary (who doesn’t right?) and I want to have a job where I can work my way up. I’ve always been a hard-working, decent kid who strives to excell in anything I put my mind to. I’ve been called a nerd and a geek, I spend more time doing homework than being social and I usually do good in whatever I try to complete. I love doing good and impressing people, I’m a sucker for praise and I’m content with myself when others are proud of me. I realized now that I’m a dog. Cool, huh?


So I started to consider some kind of business career. Perhaps marketing or some kind of management. So I was discussing this career choice with my boyfriend yesterday and he made a comment arguing that you have to be “mean” to be good in business. He meant I was too nice, that I had too many manners and that in order to be a good business woman I had to be tough and in some ways mean. This makes sense, but at the same time I believe that you can still be nice, as long as your tough and business oriented. I believe you can think business and not make business personal, without being a cold and mean business woman. However, I’m not a business woman and I do not know anyone who is. So what do I know?

Do you think you have to be cold and hard in order to do good in business? Why/why not?



  1. I think you have to be ruthless, not always mean but not willing to just step back politely if someone wants something you need to be able to hold your ground and be aggresive if needs be (aggressive in what you do, don't get all angry and start shouting at people ;) )

  2. ok so i have been outta the blogging circuit for a while now...BUT when i saw this i had to read because im totally a business guru :) i have a bachelors in marketing and management and am almost done with my MBA in international business. email me if you'd like some advice :) and you dont have to be mean to be in business for sure, but you have to be confident :) i think you i think youd be perfectly suited for it if that is what you desired to go into :)

  3. Elisabeth being a project manager for the last 12 years all I can tell you is that business is a tough rewarding job. Meaness or ruthless is not part of my approach, I am fair and if needed I can communicate my aim and get it done. Still I think you should focus on marketing and tourism, don't ask me why, I kind of know :)

  4. Hey girl! I came across this blog coincidentally. As the founder of, I get a Google alert anytime the name is used. So...great blog title! I love this line in particular... "I’m a sucker for praise and I’m content with myself when others are proud of me." You and I share this in common. I think the questions your parents are asking are AWESOME. If teaching and contributing to others is what drives you most, follow that. There's no reason you can't get paid big bucks to do it. Check out my blog...hopefully it will inspire you the way yours has inspired me.

    Jessica Kizorek

  5. PS - Killer photos. You're really good at capturing human emotion. Stick with it. (I'm also a professional photographer)

  6. Hi Doll:

    I think its great your going through this process now. Its hard to know what you want to focus in - but I think maketing or managment is an excellent field (and very versatile). I have my bachelors in business, and I am an entrepreneur 100%.

    I don't think the term 'mean' is accurate, but you do have to be confident in stating your opinions and holding your ground. Otherwise - you will be walked on and regarded as a pushover.

    Most of one's confidence comes with time and experience, but you can start now by being more vocal with your opinions and personal wants. Its amazing what you will get just because you asked for it.

    So confidence is one part, but sincerity is another. If people don't trust you, then they'll never work with you or will bad mouth you in the industry. So to sum up my book here - be confident, honest, fair and consistent. That is the basis of being a good business woman.

  7. hei : )
    Jeg studerer markedsføring på privathøyskolen markedshøyskolen campus kristiania, derfor har jeg kanskje noen gode råd til deg.

    1. Når man studerer markedsføring har man utallige muligheter, det er så mye man kan bli og man kan virkelig jobbe seg oppover i systemet. Konkurransen er utrolig hard og det er veldig viktig å skille seg ut allerede første studieår. (skaffe kontakter, relatert jobb etc) Derfor må man være målrettet og fokusere mye.

    2.Det er faktisk noe i at man må være "slem". Man kommer ikke langt i denne bransjen med å være naiv og godtroende. Ingen spiller spillereglene, det handler om bedriftens og ens egen fremgang, kommer ikke fremgangen og resultatene er det over og ut. Jeg sier ikke at man må være slem, men man må være hard og man må SYNES.

    Jeg synes det er utrolig spennende studie, lærer masse og mulighetene er så mange. MEN jeg er kanskje litt som deg, veldig snill. Derfor er jeg nå i tvil om dette er "meg". Man må ofte strekke seg langt og være bedre enn alle alle. Man må kjenne til sortimentet, konkurentene og man må vite hvilke metoder man må bruke for å skaffe en avtale/komme opp i systemet.(det er metodene som brukers jeg ikke alltid er like enig i. )

    Håper jeg ikke forvirrer deg nå, jeg sier ikke du må være slem for å studere marketing eller manegment, men man må være smart, synelig og ikke redd for å strekke grenser eller lage nye grenser for å lykkes.