Sunday, September 11, 2011


Today is a sad day in US history. I have seen numerous facebook statuses with remembrances of 9/11, blog posts and news articles. Today, we are all Americans.


However, this is not going to be a remembrance post. I would istead like to mention something that is important for me, especially during a day like this.

One news article that caught my attention more than others was one titled ¨”American muslim about the terrorism: Felt like a punch in the face”. I continued to read about what I already knew. After 9/11, the world would never be the same for a muslim. I believe that on that day ten years ago, a large part of the world made a bad mistake, a horrible prejudice. Many people chose to say “muslims did it”, instead of “Al-Qaida did it”. Of course, not everybody started to think this way – but I believe many people found it easy to blame Islam and muslims. I see it to this very day here in Norway. Muslims are not always greeted warmly because a large part of society has developed some form of prejudice against Islam.

I especially noticed this on July 22 here in Norway. When we experienced the worst terrorist act in our history, many people believed at first that muslims had done it. This was before anybody knew, and the point where everybody just made assumptions. I was almost a bit shocked at how quick people were to point the finger as muslims. This just goes to prove the impact one horrible act can have on the entire world.

In the article I read about the story of some muslim children in the US, who’s lives have changed because of 9/11. How they are bullied and pushed away because of the religion they are raised with. There were several muslim victims of 9/11 as well, can you imagine how their loved ones left behind feel every time they get a dirty look just because they’re a muslim? You probably can’t.

My entire point with this is that I think it’s important to remember that 9/11 was Al-Qaida’s fault, NOT muslims. People have to start realizing how stupid and hurtfull their prejudice is. It’s been 10 years, it’s time to open your eyes. Today, we are all Americans – all of us.




  1. Sarah you are wonderful and insightful as always, i too wonder how it must feel to be suddenly hated because of the way you were brought up. 9/11 was a terrible tragedy i just wish that people could decide to fight terror and prejudice with love and not with more fighting and killing... :(

  2. i definitely understand what you're saying here :( since moving to norway i actually feel like there is MORE racism against muslims here than in the US. it is sad...but it goes on in the US too :( i do feel bad for them and dont quite understand how people can hate so much.

    one thing i do support is the war on terrorism, but like you mentioned, people need to realize the enemy is the TERRORIST, and definitely not the muslim. i think many people lose sight of that fact :(

    great post :)

  3. Well put Ms. S.E! Muslims have gotten a bad wrap and have been dealing with daily racism for the last 10 years. Its unfortunate but probably won't be changing anytime soon. Actually it will continue to worsen as the terrorists are muslim and most people can't seem to separate the two identies.