Saturday, September 17, 2011


Tonight, it was just me and my mom for dinner. So on our way home from Hamar we went by this faboulous Sushi place and got tonight’s dinner…


The first time I tried sushi, I obviously tried it at the wrong place. Luckily I didn’t give up at first and tried it again at this new sushi place in the town where I go to school. Now, I’m addicted. I’ve only tried the ones with scampi, salmon or crab, so the next step will be when I try the ones with tuna and scallops and such. But I’ll try that later when it’s not my entire dinner that is at stake!

So I’ve had some serious thoughts lately. For a long time now my plan was to become a veterinarian, but after taking some of the scientific classes I needed to get into vet school (biology, chemistry and scientific math) I realized that those classes bore me like crazy. Certain classes didn’t go as well as I had planned this spring, but when it looked like my grades would not be good enough to get into vet school – I felt relieved, not sad or nervous. My grades luckily turned out better than assumed but I started to realize that locking myself into 6 years of hard vet school for a job I might not even enjoy, it just isn’t worth it.

So right now, I’m blank. I don’t know in which direction to look because I just can’t find any connections in the things that interest me for a potenial study. I love people, I’m social, I’m outgoing, I’m a good leader and I’m organized, I’m smart and creative, I love photography but I also love languages, I love to cook and bake but I also love being a leader and making things better, I enjoy traveling and being crafty, I’m opinionated and determined, I have so many interests and so many traits that I feel lost at ideas for a potenial future. Help me come up with ideas?!

The only idea I’ve had so far is becoming a teacher, because I think I could enjoy it and do well in it. I was thinking English teacher in high school since I already have a good background for it. I could take a 5 year masters program they offer at the University in Oslo for this. That is one thing I am certain of, I want a decent degree. Getting my masters is going to happen one way or another.

Gah, it makes no sense having to pick these things when you’re 18. Nobody knows 100% what they want to do the rest of their lives at this age. Do any of you have advice for this future-stressed young lady? I’d be forever grateful!



  1. Dear Sarah, I had similar ideas between 16 and 18. I started with the marine bilogist, realised that I will have no future, then I ended up wanting to be a lawyer. I worked hard for 2 years but then I noticed that I will not enjoy it much. So I ended up studying business and engineering, and I don't regret it at all. As for your skills, teachers sounds good, but what about tourism, marketing? I think you would do perfectly as a hotel manager or something like this. There are great exchange programmes as well, you could spend some years in France for example. I wish I could be able to help some more, I do understand how you feel!

  2. i was going to suggest teacher when i read your bio thing, i would say don't jump into a masters course though (like a combined bachelors and masters) start with a teaching bachelors and then when it comes to the end you will have a much better idea what you want to do your masters in. I also thought marketing or something in the public relations field it could be very fun to work in although it is a really tough job market, whatever you do don't worry if you have to change your mind, most people i know including themseleves change their mind at university and change, just be thankful that university is so cheap in Norway! have fun, enjoy yourself and enjoy the experience of discovering your passions.