Tuesday, September 6, 2011


In Norway we kos ourselves a lot. If you know Norwegians or you live in Norway, you’ll notice this. We kos ourselves with a movie, we kos ourselves with snacks, we kos ourselves on the weekends and we kos ourselves all around. If you haven’t gotten it by now, to kos ourselves means to cozy ourselves. Sounds strange in English, I know, but we do and it’s kos!

Like I told you in my previous post that fall is coming real fast here, and the weather has been crappy. It’s raining and windy, leaves are flying around everywhere and it’s cold!!

So this evening, since my mom has gotten the flu and I’m almost done with it, she wanted for us to kos ourselves. She then proceeded to make white and dark chocolate chunk cookies.



To top this off, I made a nice cup (the first this fall!) of hot chocolate ♥


Oh yeah, if I didn’t work at Lindex I could have worked at a café. I’ve kosed myself and now I’m ready to hit the sack! I’ve got two full days coming up with school first, followed by work until 7.30pm (AKA I won’t be home before 8 and then I have homework) so you probably won’t hear from me until Friday! Gotta love’em weekends eh?



  1. Sarah Elizabeth! you are a genius i am sick with the flu and this is exactly what i need to do to comfort myself <3