Thursday, March 31, 2011


Today my little brother turns 13 years old. Congratulations kid!


In our house, we’re lucky. If somebody has a birthday that means our mom is going to make something yummy. She’s quite the cook, seriously – everybody who tries her food simply loves it. If you’re interested in checking out some of what’s cooking in her kitchen and the other exciting things going on in her daily life in the forest, check out her blog at Eventyrhus.

Now my brother is a guy, and a simple one at that. When my mom asked him what he wanted for his birthday dinner, the answer came quickly – burgers.


Yeah, it was pretty good despite that it’s “junkfood”. And don’t worry, I’m going to the gym tomorrow to pay…

Desert however, can be as unhealthy as it would like – I’d still eat a bowl of this anytime. Feast your eyes on our Dirt Desert…


Yummy! It was absolutely delish. Now I’m stuffed, filled and done for the night. Thank goodness I am not going to school tomorrow, you know – cus I’m lucky.. Just kidding, I actually do have free. Hmm.. who knows.. I might think of something very exciting to write about tomorrow since I’ll have so much spare time! Stay tuned…

By the way, I’ve seen that my stats are going up – which I am proud of since this is a new up and coming blog. So to celebrate, I was thinking I’d have a little giveaway when the number reaches 2000 visitors. I’m at 703 now, so keep on dropping by and spread the news!


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