Friday, March 18, 2011


I’m sorry for being so slow about blogging, the charger to my computer has been dying a slow and painful death – so I didn’t have much possibility to write an entire blogpost…

So that leads me to some very good news. Considering my computer was getting old, I didn’t want to risk wasting money on a new charger when the computer itself might as well die not long after. So today I went to Hamar and bought a new computer.


Isn’t she lovely? It’s a Packard Bell, for those of you who speak computer-language. Oh but this isn’t the only thing that made this a very good Friday.

I got a ride to Hamar with a friend of mine and we ate some yummy Tandoori Baguettes for lunch.


Here you see her, it’s Matilde – my biology buddy!

Just so it’s said, for those of you who visit Norway – or even those of you who live here but just haven’t tried it – go to La Baguette and try the Tandoori Baguette. It’s SO good, it will definitely put a smile on your face!


Now I was as lucky as to get a ride back to Brumunddal as well, and there I went to Ixat (the gym I go to) to work out until mommy was done so I could catch another ride home. Now I have to say I felt proud today, I pushed myself a nudge harder in everything I’ve been doing lately (running program, strength exercises, etc) so that I hopefully will improve in it all. Just wait, some day you guys will find a post here where I’ll proudly tell you all how well I’ve done – but for now I’ll keep all numbers and measurements to myself.

Now that I have a new and better computer, I’ll try to be real good about blogging. I have some fun things going on this weekend so wait and see, there will be much to read!



  1. I was looking for a "like" button but blogspot doesn't have that....yet.....I'm happy for ya Beara...congrats with the new ya:-))) Oh yeah, you have a gorgeous smile, I should serve you La Baguette Tandoori Chicken every day ;-)

  2. Next time you are in Hamar for lunch you should go to Restaurant Valuta on Parkgata...SUCH good food. And you might even get served by a really friendly American waitress! ;)

    Gratulerer med ny dataen!

  3. Congratulations with the new computer! :)