Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Girls night !


I’m, again, so sorry for taking forever to blogg! You see, Sunday we went for a two hour long walk on the ice – followed by me being a good girl and cleaning my room. Then I was a good girl again on Monday and worked out for two hours… and.. well, you get the point. But here I am to tell you about the great girls night I had on Saturday!

Me and two other girlfriends (one who is actually an American exchange student) went to our friend Matilde - yes you’ve seen her in the past posts – when the sun began to set. There we were treated with really good homemade quesadillas and a yummy salad…



Then we basically spent the entire rest of the evening laughing our butts off in the couch! I have to say, I simply love it when you have friends that you don’t have to make an effort to have fun with. I love how naturally it comes instead!


Now let me tell you about my friend Berit…


She was, to say it mildly, quirky from the moment we met her. She’s an extremely outgoing, humorous and such an incredibly nice girl from Ely, Minnesota (pronounce it El-E, not El-y or she might just hurt you) who I think caught the heart of both me and the two other girls there that night, if not everybody at school. We’ll all miss her dearly when she goes back to the US, but man what a great year it has been!

I love making new friends, and I hate losing old ones. I recently lost one of my best friends, I guess simply because we went in seperate directions with our lives. However, it’s always sad to end something that was good on a sour note.

So I’m curious, what is one of the most exciting friends you’ve ever made?


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