Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday, Sunday people

Sometimes it's nice to just take it real easy after a long and busy week. Even yesterday was a busy day, I worked from 8am until 4pm - so after all that I fell asleep pretty quickly.

Then there was Sunday. As most Sundays, I spent the first part of it simply staying in bed until my stomach growled at me to feed it. Then I got up and made myself the only things that sounded good on this fine Sunday morning.

Yes, I know it might look like a lot. I had two slices of some rustic spelt looking bread my mom had bought with scrambles eggs and chopped salad on top, a fruit-cup with apples, pears and cantaloupe, then water and cranberry juice. Breakfast is supposed to be the biggest meal of the day, right?

Then, throughout the day I played around with my camera. Both pets and plants were more than willing to be models. 

Ah... those lazy, hazy Sundays... It's OK to have a simple day now and then, however - I really hate being bored. I often feel more stressed and restless if I don't have anything to do than if I do. Doesn't matter much now though, tomorrow starts a new and busy week and so it goes on. 

Will look for something exciting to write about later this week in hopes of thrilling you readers. Again, feel free to comment anytime! In Norwegian or English, whatever you'd like!


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  1. Nothing is more awesome than a relaxed, nice sunday, eh? oh and by the way, congrats to us both for me breaching the "first comment barrier" :D

    I love you Sarah!

    - Pål