Saturday, March 19, 2011

World Sled Dog Championship


What a day! After a nice and relaxing morning me and my family headed to Hamar, where we went to see the World Sled Dog Championship. We were just going to take a peek, just let our dogs Nanna and Jenny socialize a little and then go. However, we ended up spending almost one and a half hour there because it was just so cool!


The sky was a radiant blue, the sun was shining and tons of people and dogs were together at this place. There were dogs barking like crazy with energy, ready to run fast as lightning. Very impressive!



Hahaha I just love the expressions on their faces! You could really tell that they loved what they were doing. Jenny, my Australian Shepherd girl, seemed to REALLY want to join them. So we had to throw her favorite toy, a ball, for her so that her attention would be elsewhere a little.


She is a funny girl, and I think she got a lot of good socializing by being there. There were a lot of people, from all over the world. We heard Germans, Italians, Americans, all kinds of people! And everybody was just so happy to be there at this event on such a beautiful day!


Then after being there for a while, we all got ice cream from the worlds nicest mommy. Lucky eh?


All in all, a very nice day! Now I’m off to meet some friends for a girlsnight, so there’ll probably be another picture post tomorrow!

Stay tuned!




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