Thursday, March 24, 2011

Workin’ 9 to 5

I though I’d tell you all about my job, the first one I’ve ever had. I know what some people might be thinking.. “She’s 18 and just now started working?!” Well believe me, I wish I started earlier. However, I didn’t get a job when I was younger and now when I’m a little over a year away from moving out on my own – I regret it big time.


But this was not what I was going to share with you. I recently got my very first job at place called Lindex. Now Lindex is a Swedish founded clothing store, that started in the 1950s with lingerie. This was and has been in the past year their biggest market. Later on they’ve expanded their markets, and the store I work at now has a lingerie department, a womens department, childrens department and a cosmetics department.



I enjoy working here. I love working with customer service, and being able to help a customer find what she wants or needs – it makes me feel good. I’m new when it comes to fashion, so sometimes I feel bad because I simply can’t help her.. however it’s so fun when I can come with suggestions and can see my customer leaving with a smile on her face.

Since I started working there, my eyes have opened for how much work goes into keeping a store up and running. As a customer before, I would simply go into a store, look at clothes, try stuff on if I wanted and maybe buy something. Easy peasy, right? However, there are SO many details that are taken care of.

At the store I work at, we clean every hour. That means folding clothing people have messed up, hanging clothes from S to L, putting back clothes that are left in the dressing rooms, clothing that are hung up the wrong way, etc.. That’s just the cleaning. At the cash register you have to learn to take cash, to take cards, to take gift cards and club cards, to return items and to switch items. There is TONS of things there as well. Then you have to refill bags and put alarms on clothing, not to mention refilling shelves with things that have been sold.


This is the storage room at my work place. There is a complicated sorting system here, that you have to learn quickly. All clothing has a special registration number, and then the type of clothing has it’s own code, and so it goes on…

I hope that didn’t come across as negative, I really don’t mind it all. I actually enjoy it, I was just startled at all this stuff I didn’t know. I like my job a lot and until I become a vet – I really wouldn’t mind working in Lindex.

I also have very nice colleagues. Lucky me eh? Last night I was actually invited to come to the store in the evening and help decorate it for a internal decorating competition between the stores at the mall where my Lindex is. To put it short, there was 200 ballons and a lot of explosions.


But the result was pretty OK right? I guess we’ll see who wins! But now you all know where I work!

By the way, I’d like to thank everyone that stops by my blog! I’ve seen on the live feed map that there are people from all over, California – New Hampshire – Greece – South Africa.. so on and so on. It’s so fun! Hope you enjoy what you read here!

Have a nice day/evening/night everybody!



  1. Learning how to work a cash register is a lot harder than people think that's for sure! I was just at the Lindex in Hamar today and bought some work pants and a tank top! I actually thought of you (heard you got a job there via your mom, or her blog) ;). Congrats on the job btw. Lindex is definitely a respectable place. :D

  2. Wow, awesome decorations!

    I love your new blog, Sarah, keep up the good work! Always an exciting read : )

  3. Congrats on your job :-) I shopped there recently when I was in Norway :-)

    You had asked on my blog how I had ties with Norway. well, my boyfriend's from there and im moving there in July :-) I enjoy your blog!