Sunday, March 6, 2011

When you are stressed - Relax!

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I was told once that when I get older and I become a vet - my life will be stressed. Then I was also advised to find some way to de-stress so that I don't end up going crazy either. So I've been testing little things here and there to see what works for me. I've been taking a class called BodyBalance and the gym I go to. It's a mix between Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates, and I must say I love it! However, it's always nice to have something at home to relax you as well. So last night I got in my bathrobe, lit some candles and turned off the light in the bathroom...

I listened to relaxing music and gave myself a manicure and a pedicure (don't worry, I'll spare you the pedicure!)

Believe it or not, there was more done here than you might notice. Nails were cut, cuticles removed and the nails were polished. Then I took a moment to sip on a little concoction I made up myself...

Now I didn't have any specific measurements, but I made one for my mom and my little sister (non-alcoholic for her) and they seemed to love it. So if you're interested, here is some of what I did:

- 1-2 tsp lime juice
- Some syrup from maraschino cherries
- Maraschino cherries and bits of lime
- Sprite or 7up
- Bacardi Razz (for those who are legally allowed of course!) 
Throw all of this together in a glass filled with crushed ice and viola! Yummmm....

Then I took a homemade exfoliation of my face, made with oil and brown sugar. Now let me suggest that you do this right before a shower, because it gets messy and oily. Then I jumped in the shower and got squeaky clean! I will also come with a little recommendation for those who can get it. This Christmas I got some fabulous hair salon sized shampoo and conditioner from my "mother in-law" - and let me tell you, they smell AWESOME and do real good things to your hair. 

It's a product called Joico and if you can get it - get it! Now put it all together and you'll have yourself a little homemade spa which is almost guarantied to make you feel more relaxed! Go ahead, you deserve it!



  1. Looking forward to take some time to do this, then. :D

  2. NÅ! kan jeg leser din blogg.. :D :D