Sunday, March 6, 2011


Welcome to my new and more international blog! I recently left an all-Norwegian blog site called in order to try a completely new angle at my blog. As an introduction I will begin by telling you all a bit about myself and my new plan for this blog!

On the 17th of January 1993, the awesome girl known as me was born in Pratt, Kansas. 

Now my parents were young and in love, and seeing as one of them was American and one was Norwegian - we somehow ended up moving to Norway were I was raised. 

I've been raised with animals pretty much my whole life. Who knows? Maybe this is why I became to set on becoming a veterinarian one day? Anyways, I grew up on the west-coast of Norway right by where the fish live and the seaweed grows. Literally, I had ocean on each side of my house. I believe this is part of what made me the "tough" girl I think I am. I played in the hills, went fishing (and gut the fish myself) and walked in nearly hurricane like winds. When getting dressed, it was more for convenience than for the style. I believe this is part of why I don't feel like I've ever really achieved any sense of style (which is a nice challenge now as I am working for a clothing store). 

Then, in 2007, we moved to a quaint little "cottage" like house in the middle of the forrest of eastern Norway.

If you find our house interesting, I suggest you go by my mothers blog at You'll find lots of posts about the house, it's surroundings and the animals and humans who live here. 

Now where was I? Oh yeah, we moved here. I must say it is a wonderful place. I will probably have to post a bit about this place as well because it is truly remarkable. In this house I got my fabulously sweet Aussie girl, Jenny. She is the sweetest, cutest and definitely smartest doggy girl I've ever met.

As well as getting this little sweetheart when we moved here, I also met my sweetheart. In 2009 I fell madly in love with the absolute most wonderful guy I've ever met. For almost one and a half year I've been this lucky fellows girlfriend - and trust me, this isn't going to change anytime soon. 

I could also tell you guys that I am now in my 12th year of schooling. In Norway we have 13 years of "basic" schooling usually and then you can apply to colleges after that. I am studying chemistry, biology and something called natural science math, all of which are tough subjects. All of this just to get in to the Norwegian Veterinarian College! Hopefully it will be worth it. 

That brings me to my dreams and plans. One day I would like to become a zoological veterinarian. I want to travel the world, helping everything from elephants and giraffes to moose and bears (yes I know those two last ones aren't commonly in zoo's or seen as "exotic" animals - point is BIG animals). 

So why did I start this blog you might still be wondering? Well, for some time I had another blog which was in  norwegian, and this was all fine and dandy - but it felt boring and unexciting. So now I've started this blog in order to write for a more international crowd than just norwegians, and to angle it more at my future and how I'll get there. My plans are bubbling over in my head, so stay tuned because there should be a lot of exciting posts eventually! 

Thanks for stopping by! Hope you come again.


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  1. Bravo Beara min!! Very nice first post here on blogspot! Hope you'll like it here! You're an amazing girl and I'm excited to follow your blog and life at such a close hold!
    Lots of love from Mamma