Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"An awesome deal" is in motion!

For a while I've been feeling sort of bummed out about my health. I don't enjoy huffing and puffing when I do activities with my friends, I don't enjoy having my health pull me down in gym. I really don't enjoy when I get dressed in the morning and don't feel that I look my best and nor do I like it when I try on new pants at a store and I need to wear 2 sizes bigger than I usually wore. 

Now I know I'm not fat, however - I am big. I am 1.72 (5 foot 8) in height, and according to BMI calculators I am on the verge of becoming "overweight". Now I don't care much about the numbers I see on the weight scale, however when it affects the way I feel about myself - it's time to do something!

For my birthday I got a membership at a very nice local gym, and I've started using that a lot. To make the entire better-health thing even better, me and a friend made "an awesome deal" - where our goal is to work hard until Easter Break (which starts around the 15th of April) to see if we really can achieve any progress.

I've been really good. I don't feel I've ever been this good with sticking to the health thing before - and I am proud! I've been going to the gym Mondays and Wednesdays, working out for two hours each of those days. In that time I do weight lifting and use different machines they have at the gym, as well as a cardio program one of the instructors there gave me. It's called 4x4 and I am then supposed to run for 4 minutes at an incline of 3-5 and keep a pulse which is about 80% of my max pulse, and then walk for a minute at lower speed. Then I alternate running and walking until I've ran for 4 minutes 4 times. 

I must admit, I love running. It makes me feel good and even though it's sometimes hard to keep it up when I feel tired, I love the accomplishment of being able to do that 4x4 program. 

Besides this workout on my own, I've found a class I really enjoy. It's called BodyBalance and it's a mix of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates. It is hard, to some degree. I barely have any muscles so when we do the Pilates, I struggle. However I enjoy the parts where we work on stretching and balance. I do this class for one hour every week as well as the other work-outs I mentioned above.

This Thursday I am going to try out a new class called BodyCombat, which is basically a lot of punching the air and kicking and such stuff. Should be exciting! 

So here is my workout plan for the next 6 weeks, who knows - maybe it inspires someone?
If anyone is interested, I could eventually make a post about my favorite running songs. I feel I have a few personal favorites that work like magic when you're feeling unmotivated! I guess we'll see. 



  1. Where are you working out? I tried BodyBalance at Ixat in Brumunddal and was totally impressed. It was way harder than I thought! All their classes are pretty awesome.