Tuesday, March 15, 2011


One of the classes I am taking this year, and that I will be building on to next year, is biology. I think it's one of the most exciting classes I've ever had. Sure enough, some people would say it's gross to dissect pigs eyes and cow kidneys an so on, however - I find it quite interesting and helpful considering I am going to become a vet.

The biology room itself is interesting with all the stuffed animals in different stages of life, bone structures and all. There are insects and plants on display, and models of the human body.

To top this class off we have a great teacher. Now, I would call him special, but at the same time he is funny, nice and very interesting to listen too. He's an easy going teacher who has understood the fact that it's our own problem if we don't do our schoolwork (something we in my grade are old enough to take responsibility for ourselves at this point). Now in Norwegian schools, at least in my grade level, most of the schoolwork is done on computers. There is consequences with this though. Most people don't actually do what they are supposed to...

Meet my friend, Matilde. She is one of these people. However, so am I too some degree - so I can't complain. But this Monday in biology she was checking prices on cameras....

When my teacher (who you actually can see in the picture above) came walking up behind her and saw this he sort of huffed and told her something like that she always did this and should try working more. Eventually he was going to have to do something one day when he came up behind her and saw her not doing schoolwork again.

Now this was a joke, so nobody take it too seriously. He said he was going to give her one of those bumps on the head that Bugs Bunny and Wylie Coyote usually gets. Good to know he keeps in easy and humorous instead of getting mad. Now don't misunderstand, we're good students - really we are... Just look - evidence!

Don't worry... we'll graduate, I'm quite sure of it. Everyone has to rebel a little now and then right? Better now than in a job situation where we could actually get fired right? As long as the work is done!

Have a nice week!


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  1. I am so with you on this! Biology is fascinating!