Friday, April 1, 2011

An image to keep?

A little before I started this blog, my mom and I talked about blogs and blogging. We talked about how for some people, it's like a job. They have an image to keep, but I don't understand that very well.. I'm mostly referring to a bunch of Norwegian blogs (none specific). If the blog post is about how they're enjoying a day off and don't want to do much - how come they have as much make-up on as if they were going to a party? I mean, in my opinion - why not keep it real? I personally don't enjoy reading blogs where people are afraid to show themselves for who they are. Sure, maybe they have a certain theme or something like that.. what I'm trying to say is that at least I enjoy reading blogs of people who keep it real. If you actually do dress up in really awesome outfits every day - cool! I wish I did the same but I just don't.. On my day off, I usually keep things simple..

Haha, I usually don't put make-up on on days like this because I don't want to waste make-up remover. And after multiple days of dressing up nicely for school, I prefer to wear my most comfy sweats and a huge hoodie. Why not? Nobody is actually going to see me right? 

You guys are actually lucky since you get to see this picture of me. I usually always wear make-up in front of people (or when people see me in general) because I can't stand my super lightly colored lashes. But I'm getting used to it, trying to be more proud of how I am naturally. I guess that is what I was trying to say above, I enjoy blogs where people are proud of themselves more than blogs where they pretend to be somebody else.. Let me just also say, I know that this does not count for everybody - some people are just so lucky as to have a busy life where they can make themselves look good everyday. 

Hm.. I don't know if this blog post made any sense to anybody.. I just felt like blogging on this fine friday morning! Have a great day everybody!



  1. You look good au natural. And I'm not your mom, so I don't have to say that. ;)

    P.S. I've never learned to drive a stick (you probably wouldn't have either if you grew up in the U.S. ;) so I am still learning and didn't want to risk failing when I had such a tight time frame to pass the test in). But yeah, you're definitely right...taking the test with a stick would definitely have been the way to go!

  2. i love this post :-) you look gorgeous and very natural :-)

    ps. im moving to bergen :-)

    have an awesome weekend girl!