Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bedroom Secrets

Don’t misunderstand people, this secret is dirty – but not in the way you might assume by the title. I’m going to share with you the secret – of my bedroom..

-It’s a mess!

Or it was, at least before I put my best foot forward and actually did something about it today. You see, I am strange when it comes to cleaning. I’d rather clean our house when I’m home alone than with the help of my family, when I’m at my boyfriend’s house I clean up everything after myself and even some of what is not mine, yet in my own bedroom I just can’t seem to keep it clean. Thankfully Paul (I’ll write Paul here instead of Pål – just to make it easier) is coming home this next week, and so wanting to give a good impression (as if he doesn’t already know what a slob I can be) I picked up my room! Just look at the wonderful difference!



I don’t really understand why I can’t keep it clean. I enjoy it so much more when it’s clean – it makes me happy. I like my room a lot, I’ve heard that my room is very personal (in the way that I’ve decorated it) and that it’s a good thing. Lately I’ve been trying to make it look more mature and stuff like that since I’m getting older – but I have this bad habit of keeping knick knacks. I can’t help myself, what is a room without details right?





I think it will be real exciting to see what my place will look like when I move to Oslo with Paul next year. Maybe since he’s a guy and therefore simple, and I’m me and therefore homey – our place will be a perfect middle. We’ll see!

What is your favourite knick knack?



  1. Hehe I'm just the same way!!

    I love having a clean room, but once I clean it it usually falls back into its messy ways within about 4 days....Oops.

    Btw, I just started reading your blog and I love it!! I'm American (from California) and my Norwegian bf is trying to get me to move here forever so it's interesting to read your and your mother's blogs :) Keep up the good work!! :D

  2. Aw, I love your room! It's personal, just like you said. :D

    My favoutite knick knack.. Well, I'm also into pictures. They keep such good memories!

  3. Like the way you have decorated the room. It looks nice :)