Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sushi and icebergs

Honey, I’m home! I’m sorry for being gone these past weeks, but I am going to try to make it up to you wonderful people who read my blog! You see, I’ve had some fantastic days in the past weeks while my boyfriend was home. My face almost hurts from all the smiling.

We did a lot of things in the past weeks, walks, shopping, eating out at pizza places and so on – however I was not very good about bringing my camera with me. For that reason I only have some pictures from this past weekend when I told myself to be better about photographing stuff.


I could start by telling you about the “iceberg” we found. It’s not really an iceberg, but during this winter the snow and ice on the lake (Mjøsa – Norways biggest lake) got so heavy and sort of formed big piles of ice. These had melted a bit when we were there but it had appearantly been so big that they talked about it in the local newspapers!


We ended up spending an hour or so by a stream down at the beach, building bridges with rocks and carving our names in them. I love the fact that even though Paul is 19 years old, in the army, going to law school in about a year – he still said: Can we pleeeaaase play for a little bit by the stream?? Boys will be boys right?



We also tried Sushi for the first time, which was extremely disappointing. Not that it was bad, and not that it was good either. It didn’t taste at all! I guess we were supposed to use the wasabi to give it flavor or something, but seriously – who can eat that wasabi?? You might as well light a box of matches in your mouth and leave them there.


Thinking I might try Sushi again, just one more time but at another place. We’ll see! It sure was an experience and now I can say I’ve tried Sushi.

It’s been some wonderful weeks, and it was sad to see my honey leave again – but I’m a strong girl, a viking. I’ll manage and in about 5 months he will be coming home for good! Yay! I can’t wait!


Have you ever tried Sushi?



  1. Sushi with no taste?!?! AGHHH! I love sushi ;-) But I'll admit, when I first started to eat it (I was pretty young), it was DEFINITELY an aquired taste for some things!

    I hope you're having a nice spring! I hear it's much nicer weather in Norway lately than in the US (or so my boyfriend says so). Darn tornadoes ;-)

  2. Aww, so sweet. :D

    Yup, been there - done that. I agree with you, not bad, not good. :p Guess you have to get used to the taste before it actually tastes good.